Working Papers

  • Education Savings Plans, Matching Contributions, and Household Financial Allocations: Evidence from a Canadian Reform (with Marc Frenette) [under review]
  • Intra-Household Avoidance and Real Responses to Pension Income Splitting: Evidence from Canadian Tax Records [under review]
  • Pathways to Retirement, Well-Being, and Mandatory Retirement Rules: Canadian Evidence from Self-Reports and Tax Records (with Petr Kocourek)
  • Voluntary Job Separations and Traditional versus Flexible Workplace Saving Plans: Evidence from Canada (with Tony Fang) [Revise and resubmit, Canadian Public Policy]

Work in Progress

  • Community Belonging, Life Satisfaction, and Labour Market Outcomes of Canadian Workers During and After the Great Recession
  • Financial Literacy, Savings, and Retirement Preparedness in Canada: Evidence from Linked Survey–Administrative Data (with Pierre-Carl Michaud)
  • Minimum Wage Laws and the Evolution of Youth (Summer) Labour Market Outcomes across Canada, 1976 to 2018 (with David Msoffe)
  • Salary Disclosure Laws and the Gender Wage Gap: Evidence from Canada (with Michael Baker, Yosh Halberstam, Kory Kroft, and Alexandre Mas)