The 21st Century Right-of-Way (2010)

Project Description:
21c R.O.W. is radical but real. It is a new suburban concept that will fundamentally alter the physical and legal structure of the strip. 21c R.O.W. is also cost effective and ready for immediate implementation on Long Island. 

21c R.O.W. does not require any new technology. It begins with the assumption that we cannot “invent” a solution for our suburban predicament. 21c R.O.W. accepts the prevalence of the automobile for the next 25 years while critiquing our reliance on uncoordinated, redundant parking infrastructure. 

21c R.O.W. requires collective thought and action. It is implemented locally through the introduction of a new, coordinated municipal zoning structure.

21c R.O.W. balances public and private interests. It repositions the public sector as the long term guardian of infrastructure and public space, while freeing up the private sector to do what it does best: innovate and money-make. 

21c R.O.W. expands existing singular public right-of-ways through private lots to create efficient parking, multiple access and comprehensive water management. In order to minimize the impact on developers, this right-of-way will track along existing demising lot lines--essentially acting as a thickened easement. Developers, in return for giving up this underutilized land, will receive full access to this new public infrastructure.

Project Team: 
Derek Hoeferlin, Architect (co-lead, design and production)
Ian Caine, Architect (co-lead, design and production) 
Jing Chen (production assistant) 
Xi Chen (production assistant) 
Akshita Sivakumar (production assistant) 
Jonathan Stitelman (production assistant) 

Build a Better Burb 

Long Island Index, a project of the Rauch Foundation 

Long Island downtowns, New York 

Finalist (1 of 23 from 212 entries) 

"new PANEL LAYOUT for competition," published by DAMDI, 2012
"Designing Suburban Futures" by June Williamson, 2013