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Derby Arena Track League

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 Spring 2020 League-14 
Week  1 - Results (14-Jan-20)                                                              DATL Running Totals 2020


 Autumn 2019 League-13 
Week 11 - Results (3-Sep)                                                                      DATL Running Totals 2019

 Summer 2019 League-12 

 Spring 2019 League-11  
Week  1 - Results (15-Jan)                                                    

 Autumn 2018 League-10  
Week 11 - Results (11-Sep)                                                 League Running Totals 2018

 Spring 2018 League-9   
Week  1 - Results (16-Jan)                                                  
2018 Youth League-3 
Week  1 - Results (11-Jan)           (Full Results)                    League Running Totals 2018
Week  4 - Results (22-Feb)    (Inc running total)
 Autumn 2017 League-8   

 Spring 2017 League-6  
Wk 1  - Results (17-Jan)                                                              2017 final totals  Group    
Wk 2  - Results (24-Jan)                                                         
Wk 3  - Results (31-Jan)
Wk 4  - Results (7-Feb)                    
Wk 5  - Results (21-Feb) S
Wk 6  - Results (28-Feb)
Wk 7  - Results (7-Mar) 
Wk 8  - Results (21-Mar)
Wk 9  - Results (28-Mar)     Startsheets A&B  C&D  Reserves    Week 8 Programme                                                        Waiting for results from Timing-Box
Wk 10 - Results (4-Apr)
 Summer 2017 League-7   
Wk 1 - Results (2-May)                                                             Team Sprint Results
2017 Youth League-2  
01 - Results
02 - Results
04 - Results
05 - Results                                                                                2017 Youth final totals  
06 - Results
07 - Results
                                               Revised Week 9 & overall results (Aug-18)

Please Note: During the seasons, we get a good number of queries on results, which are made using the webpage's e-mail & on our Facebook page.
It's not the best way to get answers & takes too much time for those that look after the pages, so please send result queries to Commissaire's Questions (Click for e-mail hyperlink), who will deal with your requests.
Note: From now on, queries on Facebook will be deleted & e-mails to this website may be ignored.

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We've been asked to add the following; with thanks from all of us to all of them:
Supporters of Derby Arena Track League include:
Godfrey Sports  - sponsored league leader jerseys
Total Cycle Coach - sponsored the Group D trophy
https://www.zipvit.co.uk/ - sponsored race numbers
Derby City Council/Derby Arena
British Cycling

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