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Helping Derbyshire and Areas communicate in times of  need, providing

Emergency Communications support for over 40 years to the User Services and the community by volunteer  Radio Amateurs

Derby Raynet have been providing communications support cover for events and emergency's in all parts of Derbyshire for over 40 years, and has over this time obtained an operating standard for which we are proud and continue to received high praise. 
From a Village Fate to a Major Emergency we can provide support to you.

All of the pictures on this page and on our website were taken at emergencies and events we have provided communication cover for.  Formally known as Derbyshire Raynet which now no longer exists, The word RAYNET is made up from the following  Radio Amateurs  Emergency Network We renamed when other groups started but these are largely now non-existent or inactive where our group have continued and remain to be the largest group in Derbyshire and continue to plan for the future.

Throughout this time Derby Raynet have remained an independent group and at the forefront of providing temporary communications in the area. It has allowed us to progress and cater for technical advances and remain flexible not being bound by national restrictions and bureaucratic processes. We beleave that these have an adverse effect on getting on with the job of providing emergency communications when its required. We are though affiliated to the Radio Society of Great Britain which is the national organisation that represents all aspects of amateur radio operation in the UK.

We have close involvement with the Emergency and Utility Services/User Services and are familiar with their working practices. As part of our on-going practice and training exercises, we hold regular training events and we continue to be booked to provide communications cover on a yearly basis for events like Charity Walks/Runs and Cycle Rides. We also remain available to support any of the User Services if required, and of course are fully insured.

Our membership is located in all parts of Derbyshire, this enables us to get assistance in quickly to any area. Unlike smaller groups we are not reliant on help from other groups so we can therefore maintain our high operating standard.  

We have at  our disposal a wide range of equipment, along with a bespoke Mobile Control Room purchased specially for this purpose with the aid of a Lottery Grant.

 It is self-contained and able to operate independently this specialised unit is available 24 hrs a day. This enables us to quickly set up and provide vital communications at the early stages of an incident, and then in a support role thereafter if required.

We are a group that always look forward to a good challenge, and hope to be able to assist you whether in an emergency situation or at events. Derby Raynet have become skilled in providing communication links where others have failed in such difficult locations as the Derbyshire Dale's, Peak District and throughout all parts of Derbyshire. We have proven skills in deploying a wide variety of equipment to cater for all eventualities. We are proud that for more than 40 years of unbroken service we have always been able to cope with whatever challenges we have been presented with and have not failed to provide some form of communication link over this time.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for advice, we have gained considerable planning experience over this time covering many different types of event and emergency situations. Click here to contact us