Early North Adams Industry

Early Industries In North Adams

Arnold Print Works

Blackinton Mill

Boot Mills

Burlingame & Bradford

Greylock Mills

H.W. Clark Biscuit Company

James Hunter

North Adams Manufacturing Co.

Early Settlement 

Fort Massachusetts

  Industry in North Adams developed with textiles in the late 1700s and into the early 1800s.  Many mills were built along the northern branch of the Hoosic River between 1830 and 1845. Mills from the Blackinton District to the other side of town (present day Beaver Street) were built along the river and North Adams was booming.  With the completion of the Hoosac Tunnel in 1875, North Adams was set to be one of the biggest industrial communities in the Berkshires.  There were shoe mills, textile mills, brick yards, saw mills, iron works, cabinet makers, hat manufactures, wagon and sleigh mills, and even mills that made machines for other mills. North Adams was the center of industry and it attracted attention, many people immigrated to North Adams to find employment and others to start a new life. North Adams Manufacturing Companies offered many new opportunities and many mills and new businesses were created. North Adams became one of the largest industrial powers in the Berkshires.  



 The Branches of Industry in North Adams in the mid 1800s

1. Branches Of Industry 1837

2.Branches Of Industry 1845

3. Branches Of Industry 1855

4. Branches Of Industry 1865

Early North Adams Documents and Artifacts

1766 Deed 

Jeremiah Colegrove Deed 

Blackinton Deed 

David Estes Deed 

William Plunkett Deed 

Explosive Use John Bazan 1880 

Hoosac Tunnel Icon 1880 

Fuse Exploder  

Blast Report