Become a Member


**Fun.  Walking well-designed trails, whether in an urban setting or a rural one, can be a lot of fun, especially when you are in the company of our friendly members.  Make it a Weekend Getaway!


**Fitness.  Walking is good for you!


**Friendship.  You will meet a great group of people and make new friends.


**Great Events.  All of our walking events are well planned and organized.  You will be provided with a detailed map of the route, directions to the start point, and information about points of interest along the way.


**Low Membership Fee.  $5.00 per year single, $7.50 per year couple.


**Recognition.  There is an optional Awards program available to members.  If you choose you can purchase an IVV Event Book and Distance Book for $5.00 each and pay a small fee per walk to earn credits towards recognition awards (certificates, pins, patches).


**Access to Walks Nation-wide and World-wide.  If you travel, you will be able to use a network of over 300 clubs in the United States and many more over seas.  Check out the AVA and IVV web sites from our "Links" page.


**Club Christmas Party.   Every year our members get together for dinner and a gift exchange.


**Notification of Events.  Receive the Club Newsletter as well as email reminders of upcoming events.


**Opportunity to Carpool.  This helps many of our members get to our out of town events (Cumberland Gap, Evansville, Indianapolis, etc).


We hope you will join our Club, but membership is not required to walk.  Feel free to join us for any of our walks free of charge!  When you decide to join, please fill out the membership form and mail it with a check to the address below ($5.00 per year single / $7.50 per year couple).

Frances Taylor
4943 Winding Spring Circle
Louisville, KY 40245
About the Derby City Walkers

The Derby City Walkers, Inc. is a non-profit walking club in Louisville, KY that is affiliated with the American Volkssport Association (AVA).  The Club walking events are usually 10k (6.2 miles) but often have a shorter 5k or 6k route available as well.  The trails are rated on a scale of 1-5 with 1 being the easiest.  Varieties of routes are chosen including urban, historic, nature trails, or a combination of all three.


About Volkssporting

Volkssports (popular sports) originated in Germany in 1968.  All events are non-competitive – walking, biking, and swimming.  Volksmarches are non-competitive walking events hosted by local, non-profit walking clubs.  Non-members are welcome to come and enjoy these walks - they are held as a public service to encourage walking for health, fitness, and fun.  Check out the AVA and IVV web sites from our "Links" page.