Stolen Valor

We occasionally get calls about Stolen Valor and just what does the Stolen Valor Act of 2013 (Public Law 113-12) mean? The Act provides criminal and financial punishment for those who try to profit by fraudulently claiming to have received a Medal of Honor or other high military honors. Unlike the law that was struck down in 2012, this law’s focus is now the intent to profit from the lie, to obtain money, property or something of tangible benefit. The law provides a maximum punishment of a fine or up to a year in jail or both for trying to obtain tangible benefits by fraudulently claiming receipt of military honors to include:

Medal of Honor
Distinguished Service Cross
Navy cross
Air Force Cross
Silver Star
Purple Heart
Combat Infantryman Badge
Combat Action Badge
Combat Medical Badge
Combat Action Ribbon
Combat Action Medal
Any replacement or duplicate medal for such a medal as authorized by law.

If you suspect someone of (1) fraudulently claiming one or more of the ribbons or medals above and (2) profiting from such claims, report the individual, with all pertinent details, to your local FBI Field Office.