Flag Advocacy

The American Legion provides flag education in effort to build patriotism in our youth and to create an understanding of proper flag display and courtesy. Our advocacy focuses on the following information:


Download Training Support Materials
Full Page Blackline Masters - DVD Handouts
DVD Teacher's Guide
Page 46 of the Teacher's Guide, lines 7and 8 should read, "the pirate stronghold in Tripoli in what is now Libya, on April 27, 1805". Enrichment Activities.American Legion "For Which It Stands" DVD.
Flag Publications available at the American Legion National Site.

Additional Internet Links

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Interpretation of the Pledge of Allegiance
History of the Pledge of Allegiance

Care For The Flag
The Flag Code
Frequently Asked Questions about the Flag

Flag History
Fort McHenry
National and Historical American Flags available for downloading
The Flag of the United States

Meaning Of The Flag
Our Flag

Note: For information about the Flag Rewards Program please visit this page at the National American Legion website.