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List of my games

Here's the list. Enjoy. 

Mr Monocle in: Zombie Fisticuff Quarrel

posted 24 Aug 2010, 10:41 by Peter Sundling

Once again are Mr Monocle on the go! This time he has to beat up multicolored zombies on a never ending street!
This is my LD48#18 entry, and the theme was "Enemy as weapon". And in this game you beat them up, pick them up and throw them at the other zombies. Because they never stops. Oh, they never stops!
Gamejolt page:

Saucelifter 8-Bit

posted 31 Jul 2010, 16:34 by Peter Sundling   [ updated 24 Aug 2010, 10:46 ]

Imagine that you are playing this on a gameboy clone made by the Commodore corporation, before they went belly up. It's my competition entry for the Demake compo held here in July 2010.

The evil humans have been capturing our fellow greys and conducting evil and unalienlike experiments on them! It's time to go on a rescue mission and take them back, or to kill them for being stupid in the first place. Either way is fine!

Control your saucer with the arrow keys and shoot with space. Destroy the bunkers to release the greys. Then land next to them and let them climb aboard. Or blast them into minced meat.

if you decide to rescue them, you can only transport 5 at a time and need to drop them off at the teleport. Look out for tanks and missile turrets! Once all greys are either rescued or dead, land on the teleport pad to finish the level and move to the next one. It never ends, OH GOD IT NEVER ENDS!

This game is a demake of the excellent game Saucelifter by Paul Pridham. The original windows game can be found here:

And there's an awesome iPhone version here:

My demake is found over at GameJolt.

Banana Blitz

posted 28 Feb 2010, 14:52 by Peter Sundling   [ updated 24 Mar 2010, 05:35 ]

Started out as my first entry for the Pirate Kart II competition where you only have 2 hours to create a game. I ended up working on this game for two days...

Move around with WASD or the arrow keys, attack with Space or click the left mouse button. Collect the bananas to make the door open. Avoid everything else, or kill it with fire until it's dead!

Play it over at Wooglie.

The Short Arse of the Law

posted 29 Jan 2010, 04:27 by Peter Sundling   [ updated 26 Feb 2010, 02:29 ]

This is my entry for the Game Jolt rogue competition they had in Januari 2010.
The competition lasted for two weeks, but I had to start from scratch after one, because of some problems I had with the animations. The result you see in the link below is the result, and I'm very happy with it.

The game needs the Unity web plugin. And you have to use a PC or a Mac. Linux support doesn't exist yet I'm afraid. :(

Link to the game: Game Jolt Page
Post mortem: Link 

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