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Crunch Time, and stuff

posted 1 Feb 2011, 22:21 by Peter Sundling
Train Game development is entering crunch time! One and a half week until a new demo should be shown for the customers, and about 2 month until it should be done. Since there's nto a fixed deadline set, I usually thinks of it as a deadline for Beta. 

The database (Ok, an excel document we got from them) proved to be quite a challenge to parse. The data in it is (mostly) understandable by a human, but it's full of special cases. "If train comes from THIS station, and the time is THIS, then it should arrive at a time that equals that, minus this because it takes 10 minutes to go there." :P
But I'm beginning to see the end of it now. 

And things are going great in school too. I have already recieved two job offerings, and there have only been one semester yet.