Major Depressive Disorder Neuroimaging Database (MaND)

This website hosts the Major Depressive Disorder Neuroimaging Database (MaND) referred to in the July 2011 issue of Archives of General Psychiatry which contains details of the study. The database and meta-analysis are contained in an Excel spreadsheet file which may be freely downloaded from this website.

The database contains information of 225 studies which have investigated brain structure (using MRI and CT scans) in patients with major depressive disorder compared to a control group. 143 studies and 63 brain structures are included in the meta-analysis.

To download the database, click here or download MaND_v1.0.xlsx which is an attachment at the bottom of this webpage. We recommend that you download the file on your computer before opening it (don't click view). If you don't have Excel 2007 or later, click here to obtain Excel reader for free.
The data is also taking shape as a wiki thanks to our collaborator Finn Nielsen at the following address
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NEW - July 2018:  We have recently created a MRI database in PTSD
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