Cognitive Therapy

Depression and Anxiety Specialist in Boca Raton
 Mark R. Barnett, M.D.


        Cognitive therapy is based on the idea that our emotions stem from  our thoughts, attitudes and beliefs. For example, anxious people tend to see the world as unsafe although this may not fit with a balanced picture of reality. 
        Often we have thoughts going through our minds in daily situations: what we think about ourselves, what we think about people around us (husband, wife , boss, colleague), what we think about the world ( where you live, where you work, your neighborhood, society, the country, the world)
        The thoughts going through your mind without particular objective analysis (i.e. "automatic thoughts") may very well be skewed or distorted, giving you a running commentary (about yourself and your life) that is not evidence based but is more like seeing the world through dark glasses or from Wormtongue's viewpoint (and Wormtongue wants you to think you are weak and life is hopeless and you are too old to achieve anything.)
        The good news is that cognitive therapy gives you the tools to change the distorted commentary to a more  reality-evidence based view that is probably happier, more hopeful  and more secure. Reviewing the evidence  that a thought is true or not true leads you to a more balanced thought. Once you have this tool you are ahead of the game and not at Wormtongue's mercy.
Mind over Mood is an excellent cognitive therapy workbook that walks you through the steps of learning cognitive therapy.