MIND - Southampton

"Together, we’re happier..."

Welcome to MIND (formerly Depression Alliance) - Southampton. A self-help group for people age 18 and over, from very different backgrounds, who share a common experience and concern. Namely, depression.

We are not about 'therapy' but rather consideration, understanding, mutual respect and support. Each week the group provides a space in which you can be your true self. A space where there is no pressure and where acceptance and encouragement is a matter of course. You can participate as much or as little as you choose. Talk or simply listen, it is entirely up to you.
This group is for people, rather than their illnesses, and we hope you will find this opportunity invaluable. We aren't suggesting we've found a ‘cure’ for depression and the crippling loneliness and isolation so frequently experienced by people living with depression - but we think we've found the next best thing - other people. We look forward to meeting you.

Living with depression is not easy and the aims of the group are:
  • To be listened to;
  • To share experiences of depression and anxiety;
  • To provide information to each other;
  • To give and receive support;
  • To receive hope and encouragement for the future;
  • To provide a safe, non‑judgmental environment.

We Meet:
  • At Unity 12, 9-19 Rose Road, SOUTHAMPTON, SO14 6TE
  • Weekly, on a Tuesday evening
  • From 7pm until 9pm

A map showing the venue is included below

Unfortunately there are no creche facilities, so we are unable to manage children at the meeting. The building is fully accessible.

You are welcome to bring a companion along with you. We also welcome those who are supporting, or caring for, people with depression.

To enable everyone to gain maximum benefit from the support group, we observe the following:

  • Confidentiality - what is said in the room stays in the room (unless there is concern about your safety, or that of others);
  • Respecting the opinions and feelings of others in the group;
  • No "bullying";
  • Listening when others are speaking;
  • Having your say, but allowing others adequate time to speak (the group must end at the allotted time);
  • The use of alcohol or recreational drugs during the group or prior to arrival is unacceptable, as is the promotion of their use;
  • Being cautious about exchanging phone numbers, e-mail and home addresses with others.

For more information, please contact:
Bryan on 07545 187188, or at: dasouthampton@gmail.com;
Rachel on 07950 244875

Where to find us:

Unity 12

9-19 Rose Road

SO14 6TE

On-site parking is available & there is a 2-hour parking limit on much of Rose Road.

Unity 12

“I really enjoy coming to the meetings; it feels a safe place to talk.”

“I like that the meetings are not structured and people can raise subjects that are relevant to them at the time. I also like the informal approach, despite the group suffering from depression, we do manage to have a laugh.”

“The information and companionship I get from regularly attending meetings is a real plus for me. Thanks to Bryan and Nicky for all their help. Much appreciated.”

“I find the meetings a real mood-lifter, and always feel better after I've been, even if I had to push myself to go.”

“I would recommend this to anyone like me.”

"Venue was good and refreshments were kindly made available.”

“Thank you for being there for us!”

“The changing of the meeting frequency, from twice a month to weekly, has been a blessing for me personally. Long may the group continue.”

“A wonderful initiative - and although to date I only attended the once - knowing it is there and the kindness of the people involved is reassuring in case I do feel I want to return.”

“Bryan is an excellent group facilitator and will always be a friend.”

 - Comments from an online satisfaction survey, Jan 2012.

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