Adult Learning

Adult Learning Series 2011- 2012 


TBA- Christian Prayer & Worship
The liturgy is the source from which the Church’s power flows and the summit toward which Church activity is directed.” What is our role in liturgy? What is the relationship between liturgy and mission? What is the nature and value of both personal and communal prayer? Join us as we discuss these questions and discover the life of prayer.

November 19 - Revelation/Hebrew Scripture 

How has God revealed his goodness to us? Where do we fit into his plan for salvation as revealed to us in Scripture and tradition?  How do the Hebrew Scriptures apply to our lives today?  Who wrote the Scriptures and how were they inspired?  Please bring your Bible. 

January 7, 2012- Christian Prayer 

Who wrote the Gospels and why do they hold a central place in the Church?  What is the difference between the Old & New Testaments? How do Catholics approach Scripture and how does it differ from Fundamentalist and literalist approaches? Join us as we explore these and many other questions in our journey of faith. 

February 18 - Christology 

This day will focus on Jesus Christ who is Lord of our Life. An overview of the tradition in our Church will be explored. This class will afford an opportunity for all adults interested, to develop a closer relationship with Jesus Christ.

March 24 - The Mystery of the Divine Trinity
The Trinity is the central mystery of the Christian Faith and relates to every dimension of that. How was this revealed to us? What is the Church’s understanding of this complex mystery? Join us as we explore these and many other questions in our journey of faith.
April 21, 2012 - Catholic Social Teaching 
The foundations of the Church’s social teachings and the importance of action for justice in Christian living will be discussed. How does conscience, as guided by the Holy Spirit, aid in living a moral life.
May 19 - Ecclesiology/Mary
This day will offer reflections on the person of Mary as ‘Theotokos’, mother of the incarnate God, and of Mary as our most perfect model of discipleship.  Woven from these images, we may also recognize our own challenge to be Christ-bearers and what it means to be Church.
We now have video conferencing for On line workshops at two locations. 
            Chancery Office                                                 St. Bernard Church  
            985 Airway Ct., Conf. Rm.                                 615 H St., Hall 
            Santa Rosa, CA                                                    Eureka, CA                   
  Bring a Bag Lunch
$20.00/person/class.  Class can be used as credit towards Catechist Recertification

Master Catechist $100.00/person


Sponsored by the Diocesan Department of Religious Education.

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