Department of Mathematics at the Institute of Mathematics of NAS of Ukraine will be a part of Kyiv Academic University, to be a pilot University with synergy of education and research.

The University project emerged from the joint efforts of enthusiasts who understood the importance to maintain research potential in Ukraine and to properly represent it at the European and the global levels. Such ambitious idea would be impossible without transfer of our knowledge understanding and skills to the next generation of gifted scholars.

KAU is aimed to organize research-oriented training of new academics and skilled innovators for new industry and R&D centers. 

We open our doors to young people who see themselves as internationally recognized researchers and experts who want to experience the joy of knowing the unknown, learn to think systematically, develop the foundations of conceptual thinking and ability to analyze the most complex phenomena.
The project was launched in 2016 at the Institute of Mathematics of the NAS of Ukraine. We cooperate with other institutes of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine working also in physics, biophysics and technology research. We invite lecturers among famous experts in mathematics and other fields.
Our students have diversified research interests, and we attempt to find their own tutor for every student.

The Department of Mathematics of KAU sets lectures not as presentation of some new material, but as research seminars with active participation of students. The students are encouraged to study the presented materials after processing the relevant materials (independently or under the guidance of their personal tutor) will be encouraged to ask questions and to prepare their own course or research report in the fields of their research interests.