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       Researching the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) at the California Institute of Technology, I became interested particularity in physics and astronomy, and in space colony research.  Subatomic physics and accelerator research centers are a global fascination, capturing interest, involving, and inspiring scientists.   My commentary on the Higgs Boson is that it only veils the quantum array transponder particle.  Scientists are publishing articles on decaying muon-antimuon pairs inside particle accelerators.  The scientists have published a set of entropy formulas that veils the gateway to their opposite.  There is an opposition to entropy in this universe.  As a biologist and mathematician, I associated "extropy" with this evolutionary consciousness.   I will not exactly dictate to the Mars Curiosity Rover, what will happen on Mars.  But I will predict "extropy", reverse-entropy.  Picture a Cartesian logarithmic graph that gradually maps the increase of evolutionary consciousness on Mars.  

   I will be cautiously optimistic about the future of evolutionary consciousness on Mars.  In the universe, there is entropy, but NOT EVERYWHERE.  Myself as a living and learning entity is proof that entropy is not everywhere, and that entropy will not conquer my soul.  Our robotic presence on Mars is sure to yield one significant trend: what I mathematically refer to as "extropy", or reverse-entropy.  One word in science and math fascinates me.  That word is “extropy”: the opposite of entropy.  Turn the formula for entropy around backward and you have the formula set for extropy.     Extropy is the appearance of increasing order.   That would be consistent with our self-assembling robotic array quantum superconductive ceramic nanotechnology enhanced perpetuating frozen microbial spores, lichen existing between calcium and ice, and eventually mycelia on the surface of Mars.  The formulaic approaches to extropy and biological life can be applied in all linkage industries on Mars: telecommunications, finance, insurance, surveillance, accounting, and construction.  The quantum array transponder, the exotic matter, is capable of transferring this information to Mars, and producing extropy.
     The hope for evolutionary consciousness and the bi-pedal erect 22bit-processing entity with highly evolved hands is that eventually the surface of Mars, where the Curiosity Rover has landed, will be a dwelling place for humans.   In the industry of DNA databases, medical knowledge, and cryogenic freezing and re-awakening, or "New Age Galactic Rebirth", the quantum array transponder, inside of a species of slow-growing lichen, will be capable of bonding to the inside of the human skull at sub-zero temperatures between the calcium and the frozen water.  The slow-growing plant-lichen will then be timely inoculated with cubes-sys mycelia, that over the course of the millennia will eventually colonize the frozen human skull and brain, and re-emerge the consciousness of the fallen, as the space-born quantum jellyfish.  Our boneyard on Mars is a calcium deposit adjacent to frozen water, a calcium deposit that is of supreme interest to the Curiosity Rover.  

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        Our means of transferring DNA codes via quantum space spores is a new scientific initiative sponsored by the Friendship Cube Group, the Greater Nation, and the Department of Computational Linguistics.   Within one thousand years, there will be a sustainable population of upright bipedal hominids living in that Martian space colony.   Perhaps our appearance and psychology will be subtly different.  Perhaps we will be less capable of lust, anger, hatred, selfishness, and jealousy.  Maybe the core rules of the ten commandments will be scientifically injected into our quantum space-jellyfish descendants who carry our history and hopes to Mars.  The spores will be an input/output singularity unified via the internal quantum array transponder, and the quantum field will be capable of navigating our space-born nanotechnology spore cloud via 22bit visual binary intelligence.  It is similar internally, to a "visual-binary" field of 22bit fiber optics transmitting a specially bred, cold-temperature lichen species to Mars by the end of this decade.  We are currently capable of clinging to tiny calcium deposits on molecules of frozen water.  We are currently in the process of a Martian biogenesis via quantum array transponder.  The sound technology of the boson, researched by BOSE, is capable of being transmitted in light, a frequency above the Bluetooth spectrum, a frequency that reaches much farther into space.  

          The quantum array transponder, within the spore and cold space lichen, is capable of assembling human bone marrow at the Mars bone yard, on specific sites identified by the Curiosity Rover between the bonding pairs of calcium and frozen water.  There is currently a phenomenon of array quantum superconductive ceramic nanotechnology cloud computing on Mars. The storms observed recently on Jupiter by JUNO's epic probe may be an example of a form of exotic matter extropy similar to the phenomena currently witnessed at 51 Astor Place in New York, New York, at the global headquarters of the Friendship Cube Group.  

        The Greater Nation Space Command is researching and developing these technologies for human use.  The cybernetic pilotnaut cosmophilo sophialinguist Terence McKenna ate the Ecuadorian psilocybin cogenesis cube-says strain, what he referred to as the quantum space mushrooms.   At the "Trialogues at the Edge of the Millenium", there were philosophical and spiritual discussions on the piloting of consciousness via cube strains, and the use of visual binary quantum array mycelia, what would be the next evolution of bioluminescent fiber optics.  For research purposes, these spores are being made available again through the Friendship Cube Group and me in supervised laboratories.  In supervised, regulated JPL facilities, individual quantum space spore mycelia are capable of 22bit fiber optic like communication.  Strains are being convergently bred, into the exotic matter of space colonization.   

   #FriendshipCube, magical merchandise, scholarship shamanism matter, and memorabilia are available for acquisition through my alliance enterprise linkage industry security networks.  The Greater Nation and the Friendship Cube Group are always collaborating, co-developing, and co-promoting to reach and extend forth the common goal of extropy in space.  To all who dare to venture forth, I bid thee goodwill and Godspeed.  

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