NOTE : eligible Head masters Gr-II shall participate in appointment by transfer  counselling “if any eligible Headmaster is absent, in-absentia orders will be issued, if any Head master unwilling to transfer, shall submit unwilling letter through  DyEO  concerned to DEO. Such letter shall be submitted by the DEO at the time of counselling with counter signature of the DyEO and DEO, otherwise in-absentia orders will be issued

1.The counselling for the post of Mandal Educational Officer, Revenue Mandal (Urban) will be conducted at O/o RJDSE, Kakinada on 08.02.2017 by 10 AM and issue the instructions to all the eligible Headmasters Gr-II under the Government Management (Parent Management) should attend to this office along with Service Register in the prescribed time.

2.    To consider the unwillingness of the Headmasters Gr-II for the appointment by the transfer for the post of MEO, Revenue Mandal and make necessary entries in the Service Register with proper attestation  and he/she never be considered for MEO post.