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Hi and welcome to my space on the world wide web.
This space is a portal to my Blogs and other web sites
Dunedin, New Zealand
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Denys Yeo Digital is a website that attempts to put me into a digital frame. On this website I attempt
to tell you who I am (if you don't know me) and why I am interested in putting stuff about myself
together on a website. What does it mean to have a digital presence and why is it important? I have a
strong view that people are not making enough of an effort to establish their own presence on the web; they are often expecting it
to happen by default. This is a good start, but it is not enough. People need to be proactive - they need
to tell their stories, tell the world about themselves before it is to late!
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I have stage 4 cancer. This Blog comments on the psychological impact of living with this condition.
This link will take you to my blog on developing a presence on the internet and how this might relate to a digital afterlife and other blogs that comment on aspects of the digital world I have found interesting.

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Me somewhere in the middle of Vancouver Island.
A long way from home but it was great.