Update 10/21/2011 2:20PM

Since my arrest on the 15th, I have been working with my attorney on my case as well as seeing a doctor about my hand. The Doctor agrred that some minimal nerve damage may have been caused from the hand ties during my arrest. I am now wearing a hard splint for the weekend, until Monday. I have an appointment with a hand surgeon on that day, and I am hoping it is nothing too serious! My attorney seems like a great one, he knows his stuff! After having a meeting with all of thoes arrested and hearing their stories...my passion has grown. Cast and all I am still attending Occupy Denver!

UView more videos of the Occupy Denver event at the following playlist http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL9E91E44F59D6806E
Early this morning (10/15/11) Amberlynn DeLamater who has been heavily involved in the Occupy Denver Denver Occupied groups in Solidarity with Occupy Wall St. had the following to say about the way she spent her night with the Denver Police Department. Please Also see the video (she was luckily filming but unaware she was doing so) at the following link: http://youtu.be/Qz-czabS9OU

Well....Im home


got released from jail at 4:30...they said I would have to wait until 8 am but they released all of us before 5 am and Im pretty sure it was because the Lawyers called and told them they had violated our rights. I was sitting on the sidewalk infront of the food donations we had gotten. We were feeding protesters and the homeless. The cops threatened to tear it down early in the day so I sat in front to protect it with others. I was there, sitting for hours. When the cops came in they pushed protesters back, falling into us, who were sitting. The lady cop in front of me was beating someone with her baton because he could not move back. We were sitting behind him and the food was stacked behind us. As soon as they were pushed back, over us, all of thoes sitting on the sidewalk were pepper sprayed right to the face, straight down the line. My hair was soo soaked with pepper spray that it just ran down my face endlessly. I was screaming in pain as protesters continued to tumble over us from the cops shoving them back. They laughed at us and said "You having fun now?? Is this fun guys?" We stayed sitting as other protesters were pushed behind us, yelling at the cops to drop their weapons. They told us to move...we did not. They seperated us with their batons and started hauling us away. When the cop picked me up he twisted my arm even though I was not resisting. I told him I was not resisting and asked him to stop and he said to me "I am not resisting either." What the fuck does that mean?! ...While my arm was twisted he put the plastic zip tie on me. It was so tight and my arm was facing the wrong way. He grabbed the middle of it firmly  and I felt like my wrist was going to break. I begged him to loosen them or put another one on me and he ignored me. A lady cop came up and agreed that they were much too tight but would not take them off until we were transported to their headquarters. (20 minutes of excruciating pain in the back of the police van) Many of the women had to have their ties re-done. When they went to take mine off they couldnt even get a finger, or the cutters in to cut them. It took two cops to get them off. The other two women did not have theirs loosened until the cop who arrested them came to claim them. One women was not even claimed at all because she was pushed into a corner and could not move back as they ordered and they said "Well you shouldnt have been here." (obviously they didnt want to claim a wrongful arrest) ....That was their answer to everything. "Shouldnt have been down here." ...oh so we are arrested because we shouldnt be protesting? ....Hearing about Denver cops abuse is one thing....being a part of it is quite a different experience. We were peaceful, they were violent. Two canisters of tear gas balls/bullets were released into the food tent as well.. The news said there was none. They also said the one incident of pepper spray was only used because they found us to be a threat. REALLY? Protesters sitting on the sidewalk are a threat??? ...OCCUPY DENVER! WE WILL NOT GIVE UP SO EASILY!! In fact....they have only made us stronger!!!!!! I was pepper sprayed, laughed at and spent the night in jail for sitting on the sidewalk...The cops fucked up...and they know it.


DPD Pepper Spray Footage

      ...This guy didnt realise he was filming...so its a little all over the place...he was sitting on the ground with us I believe. In the backround you see a cop shooting canisters into the tent next to us...then they pepper spray all of us sitting on the ground.

(this account was first posted to Amberlynn's FB page here http://www.facebook.com/notes/amberlynn-delamater/10-15-2011-occupy-denver-arreststhe-story-you-probably-werent-told/10150320539446560

below this post, Amberlynn and Breezy Kiefair;s FB crew discussed what happened from her point of view.

  • Breezy O Kiefair First of all miss Amberlynn DeLamater thank you for being here. Thank you for remaining peaceful in the face of police brutality. can you tell us about your background & involvement in the Occupy denver protests?
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  • Ed Daughenbaugh my battery is dead, can't hang for the interview :-(
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  • Breezy O Kiefair don't worry. you know you'll get the scoop from me later.
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  • Amberlynn DeLamater Ive been with Occupy Denver since day one. There were six of us on broadway, waving signs and waving at cars :) We even marched down 16th with our small numbers...every day the numbers doubled...even tripled...today was our largest march yet. 2000 people shut down the streets around the capitol, the Fed and the banks.
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  • Breezy O Kiefair Can you tell us what brought you down there on that first day? That was (9/26 or 9/27/11) if memory serves me right. What were your goals when you began?
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  • Occupy Denver The news stated there was more like 3/5k people and as I could see by spying on OD there was at least 3k plus people
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  • Occupy Denver I really hope this wont be the same crap organized so many other people are mad because they had no clue how and what to do hope things change but that's just a hope
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  • Occupy Denver As I can see right now the people are out protesting
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  • Amberlynn DeLamater
    Well I had been watching Occupy Wallstreet on the livestream since the first day it began and I so badly wanted to join them. I knew that Humanity was rising in counsciousness...becoming better and better everyday. In order to see change...we must be the change. No one is gonna do it for us. The whole world has been waiting for us to rise up...and we are finally! I actually saw a call for movement in Denver online...a date was set. The 23rd. I went out there with my sister and only two people were there! I was a little sad, but then 2 more showed up. The next day 30...and so on! I was not involved as much in general assemblies for I had lost my transportation for a while...but I came to every march...today something seemed off, the cops were hungry looking so I stuck around.
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  • Breezy O Kiefair I hope they find their true Non-leader leaders too & become an educated cohesive group as well. I have great hope that they will. remember with greater numbers @Occupy Denver comes a greater array of skills and more people to vote on the way things go.
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  • Breezy O Kiefair Can you describe how things were in camp last night before the Denver Police Department showed up?
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  • Occupy Denver Amber just know will all have different views at the end we all fighting the same evil you your way and us our way
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  • Occupy Denver after I am done with what I gotta do I am going down to OD and see what's going on hope it's all positive
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  • Occupy Denver Breezy if you can when your feeling ok unless I can get it done first look up and see if you can download a recall petition to recall all them morons out including but not limited to Dickenlooper,AG,the state patrol,DPD
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  • Breezy O Kiefair my last comment was directed at miss amberlynn for clarity of those reading us on mobile devices. my tags are not working at the moment
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  • Breezy O Kiefair make it easy on me and find me a link to that recall petition please occupy denver. please send the link in a pm. I'd be happy to look into that
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  • Breezy O Kiefair Amberlynn, could you please describe how things were in camp last night before the Denver Police Department showed up?
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  • Amberlynn DeLamater
    The cops presence was pretty consistent through out the day, before the riot cops showed up we had had a wonderful march...ending on Broadway where some chose to do a "sit in" on the actual street, and some chose to be in the park listening to positive music being performed. There was a stacked general assembly from both, as there were so many people right at the end of the march. SO MANY...The feel was positive and energetic. Everyone was eating, everyone was singing, talking, loving. When the cops uped their numbers and threatened the tent you are right OD...people didn't know what to do....we felt it was our right to serve free food. They made it seem like their problem was completely about the tent...some got scared and wanted to take it down but most of the protesters saw no problem with this. All food was handled with gloves by nurses and others who are committed to the kitchen....we knew that either way they would come to shut us down
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  • Occupy Denver Ok I will work on that when I get back if I have time if not 2morrow
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  • Occupy Denver Corey went to jail also wtf after being sprayed and i just heard the fucking cops are down at OD again
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  • Amberlynn DeLamater they never left OD...at 4:30 when I got out I walked down there with other protesters and found a lot of people sleepin on the street and the cops were across the way watching
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  • Amberlynn DeLamater apparently after we were arrested, a couple hundred marched on 16th where they were again attacked with pepper balls and pepper spray, but they kept going.
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  • Breezy O Kiefair
    I am not sure about the wisdom of sleeping on the street, but they all had free will & there are many places in colorado where tourists are welcome to overnight in tents or rv's infact, on the 11th of this month, I received this image http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=287280957958587&set=a.151763424843675.27293.100000300558421&type=3 of an rv on the capitol grounds long before the enforcement campaign began & the arrests.
    A tourist overnight-ing in an RV ON CAPITOL GROUNDS IS OK.... occupying the park across the street is not....
    Who really matters to Colorado politicians? tourists... enough said...

    FYI: I do not own this image & apologize for the copyright notice. I do have permission to post from the owner who wishes to remain anonymous for obvious reasons.

    image date/time 2011:1011:11 19:06 (7:06pm)
    Latitude 39.740037° N
    Longitude 104.984417° W

    more images i do not own of the occupy denver protests but do have permission to post https://picasaweb.google.com/108039434993096331483/OccupyDenver
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  • Breezy O Kiefair do you have contact information for the other individuals who were there last night so they could contribute to the many sides of this story amber?
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  • Amberlynn DeLamater exactly...it is all about looking up which law you can use to arrest protesters...they enforce different laws in different situations that best fit their overall goals.
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  • Occupy Denver That's why permits where asked breezy and the they refused to give the people one they are 2 faces and liars
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  • Occupy Denver some of the people sleeping on the streets come from out other cities so where will they go
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  • Amberlynn DeLamater I remember a Gabriel Weston, and I will have more names when we meet with our lawyers next week.
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  • Occupy Denver Is one of the lawyers robert Cory ?
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  • Occupy Denver If so that's one of our mmj lawyers and a top lawyer at that
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  • Amberlynn DeLamater Not sure...I spoke to a Dave
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  • Breezy O Kiefair well, please pass my name & contact info (all on fb) along to them. I would like to do similar interviews with other first hand witnesses. yes, i am also curious as to whom will be representing you.
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  • Amberlynn DeLamater ah, we all contacted DenverABC
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  • Occupy Denver amber if your sis is up let her know I might be updating from my cell phone to her maybe she can pass it down here thanks cya all in awhile
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  • Occupy Denver ABC is good they are the anarchist the same one some of the morons where treating badly
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  • Occupy Denver If it wasn't for people like them people would still be locked up
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  • Breezy O Kiefair good. please collect contact information I can pass to several contacts (including democracy now) I have been speaking to via email. I would like to make it easy on them and offer contact information all in one message rather than having to send several.
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  • Amberlynn DeLamater The number for DenverABC is 720-328-3431 ...email is DenverABC@rocketmail.com ...they hold most of the protesters cases from last night
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  • Breezy O Kiefair they will likely be reluctant to release their sources contact information to be released to other press contacts. Plus I would like to touch base with each one of them myself to see if I can offer anyone any assistance in other ways... btokeefer@gmail.com or here on fb are the two best ways to reach me. In due diligence, I will of course contact denverABC and see what they will tell me.
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  • Breezy O Kiefair but in my head I am already reading "confidentiality" notices being auto replied to me
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  • Breezy O Kiefair Amberm take us now to the next part of the story. The energy at the Occupation camp was good. People were sharing a meal & then the riot police show up to re-enforce the police presence already there. What happened next?
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  • Breezy O Kiefair ‎*Amberlynn sorry for the typo
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  • Breezy O Kiefair or please, correct me if I am wrong on any point.
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  • Breezy O Kiefair or, please tell us about the moments before, during & after your fellow protestor shot this video http://youtu.be/Qz-czabS9OU I know much of this is in your note, but sometimes more information comes to mind in an interview setting.
    The video is a little shoddy because I didn't know I was filming...Down on the f...See More
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  • Breezy O Kiefair
    for those who cannot watch the video, this is the description along with it from youtube: "The video is a little shoddy because I didn't know I was filming...Down on the front lines just as darkness fell upon the city. We were peacefully ho...See More
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  • Breezy O Kiefair thank you so much for your time & energy Amberlynn. i need to bow out now & rest. Have a blessed day & feel free to respond further at your convenience/comfort level.
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  • Amberlynn DeLamater
    Sorry about that ...technical difficulties....After the cops came in mass they told us we had 5 minutes to leave the street. They ended up pushing protesters off the street to the sidewalks and holding their position. Protesters began moving towards colfax so they could be seen by people...and to distract the cops from the tent area. It worked for a while but they returned and held position infront of us on the sidewalk. Some of us were sitting in front of the tent, protecting it(Including me) ...The cops soon started advancing with their own chant "MOVE MOVE MOVE MOVE." Pushing protesters back to the grass of civic park...the protesters infront of us had us and food in their way. When they did not move fast enough they were smacked and rib checked with batons. Many arrested protesters have lashes on there backs from being hit repeatedly. With protesters toppling over us, the tent being toppled and cops right infront of us sitting on the ground...we held fast to each other and they pepper spray started flying. They hit everyone of us sitting on the sidewalk in the face. It was dripping from my hair endlessly. Screaming and asking why the cops were doing this, they told us to move or go to jail. We said we were not moving. They hauled us off one by one, causing unnecessary pain by twisting arms and pulling thumbs down to peoples wrists. One woman didnt react and the cops said "It didnt work, shes not screamin" ....it was outright brutality for no reason
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  • Amberlynn DeLamater Thank you so much for letting me share my story! Love and light to all my fellow Occupiers! WE ARE ONE!
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  • Breezy O Kiefair
    wow. that is really horrible, but not completely unexpected. from news/blog reports I have seen produced by those associated with the protests, police brutality has been a topic of discussion nearly since day one. The Denver Police Department's reputation for violent behavior is well known by most any local in the area. I commend everyone's bravery & commitment to remaining peaceful in the face of violence. passive resistance can be really hard for some people to practice. I got to hand it to you all for not feeding into the violence by being violent yourself. my body says I need to go, but please all feel free to keep the discussion going in my absence.
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  • Amberlynn DeLamater I have another video im waiting on, I will post it soon.
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  • Breezy O Kiefair i just heard from another person & am trying to get video too.
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  • Amberlynn DeLamater
    I agree that as protesters it became a blur of scary...cops on all sides...werent sure which way they were coming from...lookin one way and they come from the other way. It was hard for people to figure out where to be...the cops were also vague...they only made demands when they surrounded us, which pissed people off...all day they stalked us like hungry wolves...not saying anything while we all worried. There were kids, there were handicapped, there were all different kinds of people because most of them dont attend general assembly...they come to march and come sparatically or when they can. but ALOT march for they are not willing to get arrested or risk that chance and that is titally understandable. Because of the diverse mix of people from all over the state it was very hard to make decisions as whole. Stack was not properly used or not properly understood...these things should be discussed every saturday at every march...at every meeting...at every chance because so many diffeent people come ALL the TIME! So many people say this is my first time...they may not know how to protest or whats legal or what they are risking. This should be brought up in the next general assembly. As I said I cannot come down often but I can come on march days, like many people....and we all should know these things
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  • Amberlynn DeLamater
    All day they acted like it was okay for people to be in the streets...they blocked off a couple more with their crews, and news vans. They blocked broadway as they usually do every saturday for we march the streets and our numbers now spill...See More
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  • Nita Pryor This is why I feel the police are NOT part of the 99%. We have a lovely video of my husband being beaten by the Tacoma police department...maybe I should Youtube that as well....yeesh! Thanks for posting!! :-)
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  • Amberlynn DeLamater yes you should! Share it!
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  • Breezy O Kiefair Amberlynn DeLamater We need this interview in shareable note form. would you like to do that for us? I'm super sick (post earthquake, pre storm) & need a bit of help from someone passionate about the cause
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