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9/30/11 General Assembly Meeting Minutes (7:00 p.m.)

Mic check seven ten

Kory verifies agenda list, confirms that mic check should always be used unless otherwise stated

Brett adds to agenda: tomorrow’s march

Kory calls attention to written agenda: primary item, rules of the GA. Proposes suspending Mic Check in order to read proposed rules of GA from Occupy Wallstreet then resuming for discussion. Point of process: will we vote on rules as they are. Kory: Yes and no. Will read through, discuss, vote point by point if we as a GA choose to enact proposals. We are independent democratic body. Mic check suspended for Kory to read principles of solidarity.

Mic check resumed, proposal to accept as written

Concern raised (Cat?) “Voting on this document, as we did on the ST Paul Principles last night, while the GA may approve there may be people not present who do not follow the consensus. Concerned about continuing with GAs as occupy Denver when the social media in the name of OD is not recognizing the consensus process, decisions that are made in GA. Would like to deal with that issue before voting on this proposal.”

Brett: Will rescind my motion to accept statement of solidarity. Because truth is we are already in solidarity with OWS. IT’s a moot point to accept statement.

Jennelise: Statement Kory read sort of nullifies any votes we have made as a GA.

Brett: Anything that’s been voted on and has passed, has passed. We are here in solidarity with OWS: both are true. Does the GA agree?

Jennelise: Does anyone NOT agree?

Kory: I feel like as a GA, any decisions that we make now that may override decisions we have made in the past are valid moving forward. Decisions we have made in the past are not forever held.

Brett: With that being considered, may I shift the GA to the topic of the massive occupation we will have here tomorrow?

Jennelise: PLEASE YES

Crowd cheers

Brett: Is everyone aware of permit?

Anon: We have a permit from 10-3, afterward there is another event

Brett: We are expecting anywhere from 4-800 people – asks to suspend PM

Amelia: Who’s facilitating?

Kory’s taking stack, Brett is facilitating

Brett: is anyone scheduled to facilitate tomorrow?

Clarification regarding facilitating what – need to determine how event will go down. Let’s get on stack, if you have an idea for the rally raise your hand and get on stack

Molly: I’d like to march to the federal building; we need chants

Anon: Not to be super cheesy about the chants – Jon Stewart was dancing on Daily Show to a chant, was catchy, real, valid, easy to understand “This is what democracy looks like”

Brett: This is what democracy looks like. Good example of a chant.

Cat: I’d like to point out that once we’re in numbers of hundreds, although it’s great to have pre-planned chants, chants are going to come out of the group autonomously

Brett: Would agree, most chanting will be born organically

Anon: DR: Tomorrow will be a larger assembly than what we've had. AS far as throughout the day, people hanging out with each other, talking to each other has gone great. People have decided when it’s time to pick up signs, when it’s time to go around town and pass out fliers – have no doubt in my mind however that tomorrow will not go smoothly.

Anon: Wanted to bring up the point that during the protest there need to be two or three people staying at the camp so the cops don’t tear it down

Brett: DR: Do we have any volunteers to stay camped?

Three volunteers: Trevor, Kate, Casey, Sam

Kory: Same time, you guys can get together and figure it out like adults.

Brett: IT’s official, on minutes

Steve: Going to say about chanting: I feel like we’ve already covered it, but I’m sure there are people here in the group that are skilled in doing chants.

Brett: Any more ideas to bring to the table? For example: Should we march?

Kory: Just to rub it in their faces, when they do come down, i propose we march from the Denver post building and ask them when they come down “We stopped by! No one was home! We’ve been here for a few days waiting for you to visit”

Anon: Suggest we march straight down Colfax where highest volume of traffic is, and most impoverished community is in order to have greatest impact and largest voice

Brett: IS it all right if we take ideas in the minutes and have them available tomorrow for the people facilitating the demo to move forward with what’s right in the moment, from our ideas?

Anon: I like the idea but we don’t know how many people will be here and there is a learning curve to making decisions in this way and I think it would be very disheartening if we have a big turnout and spend an hour and a half trying to decide what to do

Cat: Did we decide who’s facilitating tomorrow? Kory: No

Anon: I think if someone is inspired to speak they should get on the list and organize to talk.

Anon: The need for a facilitator is partially contingent on what we decide we want to do.

Anon: DR: Regardless of what we decide to do, we definitely need a facilitator, in that whoever wants to be a facilitator should volunteer ASAP. Just to get it out of the way.

Trevor: Q: What would the facilitator be facilitating?

DR: For example, Molly’s suggestion was to have a list so that anyone who cam e could have an audience. So someone would need to facilitate that list. It’s not crucial that every single person here participate in that audience, but that can be an activity with other activities as well.

Anon: DR: The list idea is good but there should be a set few that feel comfortable addressing in general, main questions, main problems, main ideas

Trevor and Cat volunteer

Anon: Are we talking about a facilitator or an emcee?

Brett: DR to that. My concern is putting anyone in a leader type role especially in the case of resistance: who’s going to be looking for our leader? In attendance that big, we should probably especially not have a leader in that situation.

Molly: Maybe we could have committees that organize by hours or by topic so that if someone doesn’t show up other people are in the know

Brett: So how about we outline a couple committees that could be helpful tomorrow, then let them be occupied with people who are present tomorrow

Molly: I have a list of comes from OWS if you’d like me to read them. Crowd agrees

Anon: This GA is FAR EXCEEDING my expectations! Crowd cheers

Cat: What i have to say is not really directly related, but I’m having trouble continuing this meeting without addressing what’s in my head right now. So whatever the group would like me to do… I’ll wait to say what I have to say but I wanted to allow the group to know that there is an issue that I would really like to resolve before I continue in this meeting

Brett: POP would you mind adding it to the agenda?

Cat: I do not mind

Molly: These are OWS committees. Arts and culture. Comfort working. Direct action working. Facilitation. Food. Internet. LEgal working group. Media. Medical. Outreach. Tactical. Town planning. Treasury. Students.

Brett: I suggest we make this list available for those who are here tomorrow to use as ideas for committee for the event, and moving forward

Kory: Just so we get through the BS who wants to write those down so we can have people sign up for them?

Anon: POP there is an ongoing list of committees and sign-up on the table

Kory: I’m just asking, as my handwriting is shitty, that someone bottom line it so it can be read more easily

Molly: I was asked to provide more info about the permit. We have a permit to be on the west side of the capital building. We can occupy the sidewalks as long as we don’t go into the streets and we have to leave a five foot space for people to walk. I did not specify a march in writing on the permit. Through telephone and email communications I informed interested parties that we may march to the federal building. And I can be in contact with them tomorrow if plans change. It’s my understanding that we need to stay on the sidewalk, we cannot march on the street. Any questions?

Cat: I am having trouble trusting anything that is being spoken about this permit. I am concerned that one of the committees that will likely exist tomorrow is an Internet committee. Currently the people that are controlling OD on twitter and FB are not in solidarity with this assembly. That is not to say that all of the ppl controlling the media are not in solidarity, but some of them definitely are not. As one of the people that seems to be being targeted by some of the twitter stuff I am wanting to either step away or know from this group that what is being said on twitter is not an attempt to infiltrate, set us up, and I need myself and other ppl in this group right now honestly don’t even want to continue with this GA or planning the event tomorrow without some type of clarification on this.

Brett: We’re here for one reason. To stand in solidarity with OWS and OT. (Cheers) That’s all we’re here for. Anything on the fringe, though I appreciate is important, comes second to our one message. We’re here in solidarity with OWS. Repeats. That’s all there is

Cat: DR: Are we Occupy Denver?

Anon: POP: Is the person who actually maintains the Occupy Denver here right now?


Anon: THAT is the problem. That is a huge concern and that fucking sucks but we have to do this!

Brett: I have been in charge of FB and I have been working with the twitter team, bringing them the GA decisions and love. There’s been huge speed-bumps to overcome. But the truth that I just stated right here proves to me that we have overcome them as a group.

Cat: DR: Is the permit under Occupy Denver?

Molly: The permit was written before OD formed. No.

Cat: Who is stated on that permit?

Molly: USDOR

Cat: Thank you, that clarifies

Jesse: I was interested in what sort of PA audio we have for this system? If we’re delivering to hundreds of people in this isolated section of town I believe that we need pro audio and the group should help in focusing that resource

Kory: DR: What did the permit say>

Molly: Did not request electric

Cat: We have the people’s mic

Amelia: To go back to what we were discussing earlier, the problem with calling ourselves OD is that the self-appointed leaders of this group are completely undermining issues addressed in GA.

Anon: DR: We’re getting mired in bullshit again.

Brett: As a model, there is no leader. There is no leader

Kory: I propose a statement of purpose, mission, that anything said in this assembly by the people here IS what OD says. Whatever people want to say on the Internet, we can have minutes taken at this assembly, all of us on the books, saying that is a fallacy.

Anon: I’d like to pose to the group you stated: we may be on the sidewalk leaving a five foot margin for pedestrians. That is only possible on a very tiny fraction of Denver city sidewalks. So if we’re marching and we decided to take the sidewalk even trying to follow the rules we’d be breaking them. Which is cool with me,but if we're gonna break them and the cops are gonna be there we might as well take the street

Anon: Just had a talk with a couple of DPD and they are in FULL support of us. As long as we’re civil and non-violent I  don’t think we’ll have a problem.

Brett: Information for the record: This is valuable. We don’t need to make any decisions about it.

Molly: I was under the impression that standing in front of the capital holding signs and leaving a radius is different than marching. I can clarify that tomorrow.

Brett: We’re not making any decisions for what is going to happen tomorrow. Essentially it will all be decided tomorrow organically.

Anon: DR: Was anybody here in this park when Obama spoke before the 2008 election?  Show of hands? Okay a few people. How many were they expecting? There were over 100,000 people here. What happens organically is what happens.

Anon: We have permission to march to the federal building? Correct?

Molly: Informed them that we MAY march to the federal building

Anon: So it’s not going to be a surprise on their end? Okay, my concern was they may get surprised, that’s wehn the problems start

Brett: The details of the permit are important. IF were going to ask questions about the permit let’s be thorough

Cat: When the media or Internet committee provides information to the web, what name will that be posted under?

DR: What I was going to say is directed to what Cat was saying before. It sucks to lose the OD but we can very easily rebrand ourselves and take the shit back.

Brett: Let’s see what happens tomorrow. It could change EVERYTHING.

Emmy: I will be live-tweeting under denverusdor and I’m going to guess Occupydenver will be live-tweeting as well but I can’t speak for them. I also know that my tweets will be getting out to at least 50,000 people.

DR: More to do with twitter and march tomorrow. I just got info that OD twitter has just said, and this is over the whole Internet, that the GA voted it is okay to use violence in the march tomorrow. Which WE DID NOT DO. BUT the cops are certainly reading the OD twitter. Just throwing that out there.

Chatter, distress.

Brett: Someone on twitter could please address this urgent matter, right now. Thank you.

Anon: The ppl here that are on twitter, on fb, right now, can tell the real story of what’s going on.

DR: Tomorrow during the assembly, the giant assembly, it should be stated in the beginning that our tactics and our goals, which include non-violent civil disobedience. Should that not solve the problem of what happened on twitter

Brett: Let the record show a suggestion has been noted

Amelia: The problem is, cops don’t care. I want to let you guys all know that by showing up tomorrow you are putting yourselves in danger. There is an informant that decided to be dumb and put something like “We;re all violent” on the Internet. Be aware. Please.

Cat: DR: I think we’re being set up.

Emmy: Suggestion, I don't know if this is on our plan tonight, but I think that because the media will probably be there tomorrow.. If we don’t already have a press release or a spokesperson, we should plan that tonight and there should be multiple people

Anon: All of us on the security comm should plan to be there tomorrow and ready to take care of everybody

Anon: Will NLG and ACLU be here tomorrow?

Yes. For the record NLG will be in attendance tomorrow.

Trevor: I personally want to know, and all of us as a group, if there really is this much separation right now between our media team and if they’re tweeting the wrong info of what’s being discussed in GA… That seems like a really big deal.  A huge deal, I want to know what will be done about that

Emmy I have people working on this issue right now. I will get to the bottom of it

Anon: I think this group has a problem with what is being said publicly vs in GA. My idea to help with that is to create a twitter account that is only updated at GA. Those are agreed on as tweeted.

Brett: We already have somebody working on it AND anybody can start a twitter. For example OCD123 to drop info about what’s going on here. It is a huge challenge but we’re working really hard on it. Can we get back on stakc for committee?

Trevor: I think this is a really big deal. This morning somebody from our media comm came down and was screaming, throwing punches. This is a HUGE DEAL why is this being ignored? They are tweeting wrong info

Kory: It is w a heavy heart I say this. On Tuesday the27th. Jeannie Hartley tweeted to OD: Last minute GA/rock bottom meet-up. This to me seems in direct violation with our principles of solidarity which states: we are in solidarity with OWS, OT, they have said twice we have DIRECT and TRANSPARENT participatory democracy. To me, having a last minute GA at rock bottom, is the antithesis of a transparent and participatory democracy. I put forward a motion that we censor JH from using any official OD hashtags or FB tags


Brett: No, we cannot do that

Kory: Apologize for choice of words. Censorship is always bad, I apologize. I think we should make a statement as a GA that we support transparent and participatory democracy and we do not agree with, condone, or support any deviations from such

Brett: What you’ve shared with us will be put on the record.

emmy: Just got a tweet from OD that says “We do have representation on the ground. What is being said here is not okay.” May I know WHO is their representation on the ground??

Anon: They asked me to tweet from my acct what is happening here, I have been to the best of my ability.

Brett: The representation should be ALL of us. When hundreds of ppl are here tomorrow, they will be us too

EmmY: so does anyone know who, or have any idea, who put out the tweet that we do not agree with? The one about violence

Cat: Did you tweet about us agreeing about violence? <No> Okay, so obviously there is SOMEONE ELSE HERE

Anon: I feel we’re beating around the bush. When can we learn who is controlling, who specifically, is using the OD twitter acct?

Anon: She’s not in the mtg right now, she’s over there

CaT: The security committee met before this mtg. Two of the people have been standing down there. I was told by one that the people who are standing by that table that the people who are standing there are talking about what we’re discussing. No confirmation they are tweeting. I did approach and ask blatantly if they are tweeting. The response: no. That’s all I know

Anon: Potential solution. MIC CHECK. The people who have the password access and control to OD twitter do represent this group to people who aren’t here right now. To people who might want to come tomorrow. And they are saying that we have condoned violence. That we are planning to go crazy, get bananas, in the streets. Not necessarily true. The problem is they represent us to the rest of Denver, the Internet, beyond. The solution is they need to come down here. Be accountable to the GA. Turn over the passwords. We need to change it and this GA needs to assemble a new media team.


Anon: DR: I think we also should do an aggressive campaign on fb and twitter to state that we DO NOT condone violence.

Brett: We’re talking about establishing committee teams based on our sister’s suggestion. That is part of the democratic process. As having contact with the media team now, knowing that they understand that part of the process, from here I can ambassador them to come be a part of that to the best of my ability.

Anon: DR: I have a concern and this is the only reason why I think we should be continuing on with this discussion right now. I don’t want this to be a conversation tomorrow when there are lots of new people here. Let’s get it resolved and move the fuck on.

Kory: I believe this discussion is good and we can post this discussion. All of our minutes, which have been transcribed verbatim. We can point anyone to this discussion for the countless times we have said we are being misrepresented in the media, on twitter, and that we have principles that we have agreed upon democratically and that we will follow those principle.s That is what we have discussed and anything to the contrary is a lie.

Brett: I need to reiterate at this point, for the record, because it has been a contention in the past, that all of what was just stated follows, firstly, our solidarity to occupy wallstreet and occupy together and what that embodies.

Cat: I don’t want to break this mtg up but there’s an issue I need the security team to help address.

Security team departs

GA reconvenes

Brett: Update from media team members who are not here  I just spoke with Nick and he apologized sincerely for confusion that happened last night and he’s been trying to make amends all day on twitter. There may still be other people with contention but not from the media team. He suggests if there’s anything that goes in contrary to our solidarity on twitter work back against it with love ad solidarity.

Anon: DR: I don’t see why we should have to push back against a twitter handle that shares the name of our group.

Anon DR: They still give our group a pretty bad name.

Anon: We’re running damage repair!

Kory: I think this GA and the discussion we’ve had tonight, as well as last night, makes it very clear where we stand. To fight back against these lies we simply host the minutes of the meeting and constantly repeat any time they say that we want to incite violence, please look at the minutes of our meetings because you are misinformed.

Anon: DR: What kind of idiots will we look like if we are debating our own fucking handle?

Quick emergency announcement from medical: It’s come to my attention that people are not taking care of themselves very well. Primarily making sure that they eat, sleep, and drink enough fluids. IF we want this to succeed we need to take care of each part of this machine. If you’re not doing those things, see me and we will get you started on it! If you see someone that looks like they’re in trouble tell me and I will subtly make suggestions. Next point, if anyone has epilepsy, diabetes, cardiac conditions, etc, and feels comfortable telling me, I would appreciate it if you would so that if something happens to you I know what to address first. Also any major allergies, add to that list. I am an ICU nurse at Porter Adventist. We also have Emmy as an EMT and loads of hygiene products, first aid, etc. Emmy and I will get you taken care of.

DR to topic on floor: This guy nick who you spoke to. Is he the operator of the occupydenver account? Because that in my opinion is the issue.

Brett: I believe so but I’m not sure. That name

Me: From my conversations with Nick, he directly handles it but delegates to others.

Anon: I think it would be appropriate if this assembly publicly condemned false statements that have been published on the occupydenver twitter account. Because people who may not be here think that represents all of us.

Brett; so stated for the minutes. It’s on record.

Molly: Best course of action would be a statement from the OD acct that we stand in solidarity with the non-violent statement. I would also like to address the non-violent issue but I think we need to make it through the rally info first.

Brett: At this point is there any more we need to talk about for this big rally tomorrow?

Jesse: I think this rally will redefine what we’re about. I think it will establish ourselves within this society with being here and being proud and being present.

Anon: I have a proposal, or actually it’s maybe better expressed as a concern, that if ppl just turn up here without some ppl taking initiative to explain these processes they will be confused.

Andy I just showed up, I got it right away. First meeting I’ve seen, I got the process.

Brett: I would also agree that as people show up to OD and are helped by their new brothers and sisters there will be extra helpful new brothers and sisters tomorrow concerning how important it is. That's my expectation.

Anon: DR: Question to the group. Are we willing to take that on faith?

Molly: Clarify statement

Anon: Are we willing to take it on faith that if we have 400, 500, being an optimistic dreamer, more than a thousand, would it be self-explanatory as when we have the numbers we do now?

Brett: I think it will be. Beyond that, trying to say now how we would control something of that nature would be a waste of our time.

Anon: I would also like to point out that most of hte ppl coming to this rally are informed enough and follow the movement enough to have a sense of what goes on here.

MollyL Two ideas, the first one is to allow for the possibility of a massive Influx of information as people bring their ideas to us. I suggest we come with paper and pens. Second, anyone who’s interested meet here tomorrow at 1130 and maybe we can come up with a better plan to handle the group as it grows

Brett: I think that’s safe to state for the record. The suggestion of being here at 1130 at the latest to plan tomorrow’s rally

Trevor: Regardless of time many of us will still be here after the GA is over. Some of us throughout the night and into the morning so I don’t think its ‘going to be a problem

Brett: Any more thoughts on stack re rally

Josie: I don’t know if this has been addressed but I;d like to clarify: will current security team act as security and police liaison for tomorrows rally

Cat: What we discussed as committee chair. The sec comm does have a report back to the GA about what was discussed today in meeting. We can do full report back later. On this specific issue the answer is yes.

Molly: DR: Since I already have a contact with DPD can we coordinate police comm through me?

Cat and Molly will communicate

Cat: Yes but I would like to put it to the GA that either myself or someone from sec comm today does that. I would like it to be a formal proposal for the sake of process.

Josie: Are we saying then that Molly will make sure not to have any police contact or conversation or coordination without a security member present? Because that matters

Brett: DR: Molly has already had contact with officials. Since she was the instigator of the permit that depends on her. The people are going to be here. There’s going to be a rally. I would hope that the ppl who have stepped up to serve this rally in functions like permits and security will do the awesome and make it happen.

JosiE: in my experience with organizing large rallies or marches, these things needs to be specified and all of us as a decision-making body should know what's happening for our own safety and peace of mind. We should know for sure security and Molly are always present together when talking to the police tomorrow.

Molly: I anticipate, we’ve been talking via telephone, that there may be phone calls not necessarily face to face conversations with the cops. I don’t know how it will go down

Cat: DR: I would be comfortable with having constant contact with Molly if there are phone conversations and I can be present with her during those conversations. I would like to give a chance for the sec comm to agree that that might be enough for the peace of mind / safety of this group

Brett: DR to molly: We’re going to have a party tomorrow. I usually don’t call the cops before my =party. I just prepare to deal with the cops if they show up at my party. It sounds like you guys have talked about what you would like to do in that situation as individuals and that's okay

Anon: DR: I do have a concern, or perhaps a fear, that being able to provide security for as many as a thousand people is perhaps beyond our capabilities at this moment.

Cat: DR: Although I recognize the current security comm definitely does not have the capacity to provide sec for that many people currently, I would still like to see them able to function AS a sec com, able to be present during the march and rally, to communicate openly with the person who has the permit and is in current contact with the police. For transparency sake.

Brett: So stated for the record. I need to observe as the facilitator recognizing the existence of a committee that, like the media team, I don’t know of there having been elections to establish those committees. However, both committees appear to be in place. I have a question. Is there a security committee at WS?

DR: Yes

Brett: Let it state for the record: In solidarity with OWS we are following a model for committees.

Trevor: DR: The point of the security committee is, if we’re in a group, and cops approach us – anyone can join the committee. IT will constantly be changing. IF I'm on the committee right now and I have to leave someone will take my place. All we’re doing is, if cops approach the group there will be select individuals who will speak to them to find out what they want and then go back to the group so that as a group we can discuss what we will do about it. That’s all this committee is.

Anon: DR: I would propose this as an idea. That the security team wear some type of armband so they can be distinguished easily.

Brett: As dealing with the police is a sensitive topic, and has been a big part of discussion leading up this event especially, I would like to see a quick recognition of our continued solidarity of the models of OWS and OT in which WE ARE NON VIOLENT.

So stated.

Anon: DR: I don’t think, as a member of security, I would want to be marked out or made easier to pick off in some situation where that might be an issue.

Anon: DR: I feel like i there’s a group of us and police approach us and a handful of unmarked individuals rush toward police, it could create an undesirable situation as opposed to marked people

Brett: Any further DRs. I don’t want to talk about hypothetical(s) like rushing toward police. If that’s okay, I’d rather stick to business orientation and let tomorrow develop with faith and love organically.

Molly: To whom would somebody direct and inquiry to join the sec team?


Trevor: Let me clarify one more thing about sec team. There's not a group of people that are the sec team. Let me explain further. Our main concern is that at all times we have people here to be on the sec team. Same thing with the media, we want people doing media all the time. IF you come here any day of the week, gonna be here twelve hours, let somebody know. It’s not specifically for a certain group of ppl. IT’s for everyone.

Emmy: A couple of things. First, about the minutes. If we do not have somewhere to post them on-line, publicly available, I can figure that out. Just let me know.

Anon: DR: Last night, when I was doing research I could say, in preparation for coming out her tonight and tomorrow, someone had started a website “” with minutes posted from the meeting on the 27th. If we could start a dialog with whoever that might be.

Me: Nick, Mike, Nash handling that site

Brett: I an liase that from tonight

Anon: DR: Do we know if Nick has removed the comment claiming we endorse violence?

Brett: Nick himself has been working hard all day to amend those comments with glowing positivity about our solidarity.

Emmy: second thing. I have the contact information for the online editor of the Denver Post. So. We should figure out who’s going to be talking them and what about

Kory: Dr: Tomorrow morning, or if our batteries still got juice, I also have the westwrod, AP journal, and some other journal on my phone But it’s probably going to die.

Emmy: DR: is that from them or did you find that ony our own>

Kory: Through my cannabis activism

Emmy: Should compile a list of

Brett: Emmy is working on mainstream-ish media contact for the rally tomorrow.

I would also like to propose or suggest an ability of mine – i have a computer and the ability to live-stream during the march (teague) and I am here for the weekend.

Any other opportunities to be brought to the table before we wrap this up>

I have brought a large pad of paper and markers. if anyone including newcomers would like a poster let me know.

if there is someone else present tomorrow who is attempting to speak to the media in the name of occupy Denver how should we deal with that>

each person should prepare their statement with a statement such as “I am speaking as an individual” in order to clarify the intent of that statement – is anyone speaking on behalf of occupy Denver or are we speaking as autonomous individuals:

i would like to suggest that the answer is both

Cat: IS there any way that we as a GA can include in the notes something to the tune of “We are all individuals first, occupying Denver together’

Brett: i would like to add again, above all, solidarity to OWS and OT.

Abnon: One other thing on media. A guy who was here named James has a tumblr account that he wanted me to pass the url for. He felt this was relevant because he was here tonight, he spoke with me, he’s a known quantity, we know that he’s the only one with access to the account, and he wants us to send him lots of pics.

Emmy: I know several other tumblrs where pics will be posted as well as several accounts on twitter. I’ll pass on a hash tag that people can tag their pics with so they come up in a search.

Anon: Would people like there to be a list of these different websites compiled in some location?

Brett: Between the new .org, fb event, fb community page, and tumblr, and twitter, there’s information. That’s all still new. It’ll become more available.

Brett: Is there anything else to put on the record or are we prepared to close the GA? Meeting adjourned!


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