Shows 2010-2000

On November 18, 2010 we sang for 600 lawyers and judges; and Chief Justice Mary Mullarkey, at the Marriott for the CJI Dinner; a smaller version of the Ethics Revue. Barb Laff directed.

The Law Club's 2010 Ethics Revue with the CBA CLE and Ethics Committee took place at Lannie's Clocktower Cabaret on the evenings of September 22 and 23, 2010. Three hours ethics 
CLE. Barbara Laff directed. The next day reviews rave:

*** [Excerpted and reprinted with permission from the Denver Bicycle Parking Lot News]***

(First Night Review)
"This show has shattered every record for box office draws!  I've never seen anything like it!"  cried Denver entertainment empress Lannie Garrett, shaking her head in wonder.  "We've never had a crowd like this for any Ethics Revue ever held here at my cabaret.  Disappointed patrons were turned away from the standing-room only crowd.  Of course, we've never held an Ethics Revue at my cabaret . . ."
The crowd streaming out of the cabaret at 8:40 p.m. was aglow with good feeling (or maybe it was the free drinks).  Post-show accolades, tributes, and fake, dusty flowers poured in to cast and crew alike.  Gary Abram promised another fun-filled show the following evening, possibly with a full ethics panel.
Said one patron:   "I can't believe we get ethics credit along with three hours of laughter and song. . . we were howling.  The whole show was amazingly entertaining, well, except for a couple times when the ethics panel went on too long, . . . but you whipped them back in line. There were so many good songs that will now be indelibly branded into my brain, with alternate lyrics.  I'm sure that there was enormous hard work behind the scenes but it looked like everyone had a ball. "

(Second night review)
The Ethics Revue played to a very appreciative, packed house at Lannie's last night, surpassing previous box-office records.  The cast, perhaps fueled by the same food as the grown-ups, or the sponsored liquor (thanks, Dana Eismeier and Rick Foster!!!), surpassed its previous performance and put on a show like none ever seen before.  Stunned by the production values, the CBA hired a roving cameraman to capture onstage moments and cast action in the cabaret -- a first!  There will be a good deal of post-production editing before the final DVD is issued.  The Ethics Panel, suitably cowed by the threat of appellate reversal, purchased wristwatches at the Kiosk outside the Clocktower, borrowed Charles Luce's flashlight to see them, and kept to the schedule.
The cast celebrated its brilliant performance outdoors at The Palm. The good feeling spilled over into singing. Evening visitors to Skyline Park noted that it was curiously free of the usual night-time riffraff.  This reporter caught up with a disgruntled drug dealer, who had moved two streets over from his usual point of commerce at 17th and Arapahoe, to ask him why he had moved.
"Had I wished to hear these particular tunes and lyrics, I would have spent $179 and purchased a ticket to the Ethics Revue," is a rough translation of his response.  "I wonder to whom I might direct a complaint for lost income?"
In a somber note, the director of the show was found later in a fruit-induced stupor at her home, with strawberry juice smeared around her face. 

Video of Show

We visited with the judges and magistrates of the 18th Judicial District on September 14th at noon at the Douglas County Courthouse. The judges stood up for us this time. Getting the piano t
hrough courthouse security was interesting. Diana Terry directed.

We sang and danced for the national organization called National Conference of Chief Justices (NCCJ) and Conference of State Court Administrators (COSCA) on July 28th 2010 in Vail. It was originally July 27th but some Irish lady named Sandra Day O’Conner got our original gig. We got a standing ovation. Not sure if she did. Some of the Justices wanted us to come sing in their home states. We are still negotiating who pays the plane fare ... Diana Terry directed.

On May 19, 2010 we may have sung for the Colorado Access to Justice at. A high point may have been the short judges song, Taubman, Kapelke, Chief Judge Davidson. I have no idea who directed or if this was the show I’m thinking of.

We sang and danced for various Inns of Court on 11/18/09 (Doyle) and 12/15/09 (Rhone Brackett and Arraj) at the University Club. Brenda Taylor directed.

The show on October 22, 2009 in Colorado Springs was for the Wendlekin Inn of Court; a very appreciative audience of about 60. Still not the Broadmore ... Barbara Laff was the director.

We played September 3, 2009 at the University Club for the Thompson Marsh Inn.  Brenda Taylor directed.

Ethics Review IV occurred twice on July 9, 2009, at the CBA classroom. The Indiana Jones Show. Not exactly the best venue ever. Definitely not the Marriott ... Brenda Taylor directed. Great show. 

On June 5, 2009, we played for an ABA Bar Fellows at the University Club. Bigger stage. Brenda directed but was the same size.

On April 7, 2009, we played the University Club for two Inns of Court. Nobody went to the hospital. Brenda Taylor directed.

We were at the Botanic Gardens on 12/10/08 for the Metro Attorneys. Great room. Lots of oxygen. Brenda Taylor directed.

On 11/6/08 we sang for two blended Inns on a tiny stage at the University Club. It was ... interesting. It will be remembered as The 2008 Fall Show ... We got a standing ovation but it may have been merely because everybody survived ... Brenda Taylor directed. 

We sang on 9/23/08 in Breckenridge at the 2008 Judicial Conference. It was at lunch. T
he judges and magistrates were sober (as a judge) and they liked us anyway -- a lot ... Brenda Taylor directed.

On May 3rd, 2008 in Vail we sang for the first time for the Colorado Women’s Bar Association. The projector turned itself off during Pat Madsen’s song. She had her song memorized fortunately and the rest of us had spare scripts. David Lichtenstein directed.

The Arraj Inn of Court was at the U. Club on April 22 for a Law Club Show. Or maybe it was the other way around. David Lichtenstein directed.

On April 12th 2008 we performed for the Gilpin County Historical Society … in Boulder County. The Stage Stop Inn; just over the border. David Lichtenstein directed.

Once again we created the Ethics Revue (number three, if anybody is keeping track) at the CBA offices on October 24, 2007 -- two shows, the second with dinner. It wasn't the Hyatt grand, but ... not bad, all in all. Assistant associate middle school teacher Barbara Laff directed.

On 9/18/07 we were in Vail at the 2007 Judicial Conference. This was our premiere performance for the state judges. We had no idea in 2007 that they would like us enough to bring us back again and again. The director was Ken Laff.

On Friday May 18, 2007 we entertained the Colorado DAs in Keystone. Ken Laff directed. He was still a Denver DA at that point and the Denver DAs still were part of the Colorado DA’s association then.

February 3rd 2007 was the 2007 Law Club Reunion at the Broadmoor. Directed by Ken Laff and Bob Kapelke. 

December 2006 hosted not one but two Law Club shows, on December 7, 2006 for the Thompson Marsh Inn of Court at the University Club ...

... and also on December 13th, 2006, at the Hyatt, the return of the CBA Ethics Review.

Four brave members, Diana and Brenda and David L. and Christine, with professional piano player Deb, performed at a Technology Lawyers meeting on 2/15/06 at the Governor's Mansion. It was technically perfect. The director was David Lichtenstein.

We did a double at the Marriot Hotel on October 27th, 2005, for a matinee and dinner performance of the very first CBA Ethics Review, jointly with the CBA Ethics Committee. Director David Simmons.

The very first Law Club ethics focused show was for the Inns of Court Summit Party at South Adams Street in Denver on August 25th, 2005. Director David Simmons

We sang again on April 2, 2005 in Central City for The Gilpin County Historical Society. Director was David Simmons.

Our last 2004 performance was the Muni Attorneys at the Oxford on 12/15/04 in the evening, for about 50 folks. It was wildly successful. That audience had been drinking. Director David Simmons

Thursday, December 9th, 2004 we were at at the Greenwood Village Chamber of Commerce. It was Cecil's idea ... Director David Simmons

We sang on September 10, 2004 Isle of Capri's Flamingo Ballroom Blackhawk for the Gilpin County Historical Society. Director David Simmons

We held a December 11th, 2003 show at the Greenbriar Inn outside of Boulder for the Municipal Lawyers. Tiny narrow room with the Law Club sprawled down the side. Director David Simmons.

On 12/5/2003 we sang for the CBA-Worker's Comp section at Maggiano's for lunch. Craig Eley's French-accent solo was a hit. Director David Simmons

On December 1, 2003 we sang for the CBA/CLE Appreciation Party at the CBA. Director David Simmons

On January 10, 2003 we sang for the Colorado Bar Foundation. 320 folks in the audience. Director David Simmons.

We sang at the Fort for the Metro City Attorneys Association on December 11, 2002. Crammed in a corner again, but the food was good. Director David Simmons.

We sang on Friday October 25th, 2002, at 3:30 PM, at the University of Denver College of Law for the Colorado Bar Association Access to Justice Awards Reception. Director David Simmons

On 12/12/2001 we bused up to the Sylvan Dale Ranch for the Metro City Attorneys. The sing-along on the bus was fun. Director Theresa Mehringer, musical director Ken Laff.

We may have sung for the DBA Summer Intern Program - Student Training on 6/21/01 ... maybe.

On 11/8/00 we did a charity benefit for Opera Colorado at the Shwayder Theater. A real stage !! ... and a reprise of Channel Surfin' USA. Director Diana Terry, producer Nina Iwashko

We performed a reprise on 9/27/00 for the Arraj Inn of Court at the Brown Palace ... Director Diana Terry

The last two-hour show at a CBA Convention, Channel Surfin' USA, was September 9th, 2000, in Keystone, Colorado, directed by Diana Terry.