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Rocky Mountain News, Denver, Colo.
August 26, 1911 Page 2

FUNERAL OF MRS. VAN ALBADA -- The funeral of Mrs. A. B. Van Albada, who died last Tuesday, was held yesterday under the auspices of the National Union from the residence of her daugher,Mrs. O. W. Lyman. Interment was in Fairmount Cemetery. Mrs. Van Albada was born in Holland in 1830, and came to America forty-two years ago. She has resided in Denver since 1907. She is survived by her husband and three daughters, Mrs. H. H. Dinny, Cedar Rapids, Iowa; Mrs. H. A. Henlen, Chattanooga, Tenn., and Mrs. Lyman.

Donated by: Rita Timm 1895 Denver

Rocky Mountain News, Denver, Colo., December 25, 1911 Page 10

Mrs. Vought Dies In Florence While On Tour of Europe.

Cablegram Tells of Sudden Demise of Well Known Denver Woman.

Mrs. Mary Wells May Vought, wife of Grandin T. Vought, died suddenly yesterday at Florence, Italy, where she was on a pleasure trip. Mrs. Vought, accompanied by her husband and daughter Ida, left Denver last September to tour Europe. Letters received in Denver yesterday by relatives and friends contained nothing about Mrs. Vought's illness. W. A. Hover received a cablegram yesterday announcing her death.

Miss Ida Vought was placed in school at Munich, Germany, and according to letters, was not with her parents at the time of her mother's death.

Mrs. Vought was well known in club circles in Denver. She was an active member of the Sons and Daughters of the American Revolution, and was treasurer of the Denver Bible School, of which Dr. William McArthur is president.

Mrs. Vought is survived by her husband, one daughter and two sons, James T. Vought and Tracey Vought, both of Denver. The remains will be brought back to America and will be buried at Rochester, N. Y., the home of the Voughts before they came to Denver, eight years ago. Grandin T. Vought is associated with Otis & Houghs. The Vought residence is at 722 Clarkson Street.

Contributed by: Rita Timm 1895 Denver