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Rocky Mountain News, Denver
October 30, 1911 Page 1


Gustave Ulyatt, a well known Sixteenth Street merchant, died yesterday morning at his home, 745 Gilpin Street. A few weeks ago so certain was he that the end would soon come, that he wrote out briefly his own obituary.

“The newspapers will have my obituary correctly, if I have to write it myself,” said Ulyatt to his wife.

Ulyatt was a victim of tuberculosis. He has known for years that it would end his life, and in the last few years, he has been confident that the end was not far off, so he carefully arranged all his business interests so that now the widow will find everything in perfect shape. Method was one of his characteristics.

The obituary that he himself prepared shows that he was born in London, England, in 1868, and was the third son of John Ulyatt, Esq., of Yorkshire and London.

Then Ulyatt wrote this sketch of his life:

“Educated at Westminster School and Frogmore College, Hertfordshire, England.

“Came to United States in 1891 and located in St. Paul, and later conducted a high class furnishing goods store under the firm name of Ulyatt & Co. Finding the climate too severe he sold out and came to Denver in 1898. Opened a hat and furnishing store on Sixteenth Street until 1908, when he took over the store of the late George H. Braman, and organized the present corporation, The Braman Co. In November, 1910, he sold out to F. W. White and others.

“He leaves a widow and four children in this country, and a mother and two brothers and two sisters in England.

“Member, Masonic order, Oriental Lodge No. 87.”

The funeral will take place tomorrow afternoon at 2 o'clock in St. John's Cathedral Chapter House. Dean Hart preaching the sermon. The services will be under the auspices of the Masons. Interment will be in Fairmount Cemetery.

Donated by: Rita Timm 1895 Denver

Rocky Mountain News, Denver, Colo.
August 27, 1936 Page 4

Mrs. Mary E. Upton, died, after a long illness at her home, 1524 Clay St. She was 75.

Born March 28, 1859, Cedar County, Iowa, came to Denver, 1901. Husband John M. Upton, died 25 years ago in Denver.

She lived with her daughter, Mrs. George H. Gothard for many years.

Donated by: Rita Timm 1895 Denver