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Hospitals and Asylums

From city directory, date unknown.

ARAPAHOE COUNTY HOSPITAL--W. A. Sheriff, Superintendent; located on Sixth avenue, between Evans and South Fourteenth.

BELLE LENNOX NURSERY--1018 South Fifteenth Street.

COLORADO COTTAGE HOME--Mrs. Mary J. Dibble, Matron; 635 Pearl.

DENVER HOMEOPATHIC HOSPITAL--Dr. Margaret H. Beeler, Resident Physician; Miss Abbie G. Thurston, Principal.  Park avenue, corner Humboldt street.

DENVER ORPHANS' HOME--Miss Florence A. Cromwell, Matron.  Race, northeast corner Sixteenth avenue.

FLORENCE CRITTENTON HOME--Mrs. Mary H. G. Winston, Matron.  4901 West Colfax avenue.

FRANCES JACOBS HOSPITAL--South side East Colfax avenue, between Jackson and Garfield.

GROSS MIDWIFE DISPENSARY--South Water, between West Ninth avenue and West Tenth avenue.

HOME LEAGUE HOME (FOR CHILDREN)--Jay M. Lind, Conductor; Mrs. L. J. Lovelady, Superintendent; 403 Downing avenue.

HOUSE OF THE GOOD SHEPHERD--Sisters of the Good Shepherd in charge.  South Evans street, between Cedar and Byers.

LADIES RELIEF HOME--Under the auspices of the Ladies' Relief Society.  Lizzie McIntosh, Matron.  North side West Thirty-eighth aenue, between Quitman and Raleigh streets.

MOTHERS' AND CHILDREN'S HOME--1009 Thirty-second street.  Mrs. A. M. ZCochran, President;  Mrs. C. A. Lathrop, Secretary; Miss S. J. Plummer, Matron.

MOUNT ST. VINCENT'S ORPHAN ASYLUM--Sisters of Charity in charge.  Homer Boulevard, between West Forty-first and West Forty-fourth avenues.

STATE HOME AND INDUSTRIAL SCHOOL FOR GIRLS--Mrs. F. M. Irish, Superintendent.  Locted Aurora, Colo.

STATE HOME FOR DEPENDENT AND NEGLECTED CHILDREN--H. W. Cowan, Superintendent.  3233 Bert street.

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