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Banks and Bankers

From city directory, date unknown.

CENTRAL SAVINGS BANK--George Richardson, President; W. E. Wilson, Vice-President; Willis M. Marshall, Cashier.  Fifteenth, corner Arapahoe street.

CITIZENS' TRUST & SAVINGS BANK--E. Besly, President; C. A. Root, Cashier.  721 Sixteenth street.

COLORADO NATIONAL BANK--Charles B. Kountze, President; Dennis Sheedy, Vice-President; G. B. Berger, Cashier.  Larimer street, northwest corner Seventeenth.

DENVER NATIONAL BANK--Joseph A. Thatcher, President; James B. Grant, Vice-President; J. C. Mitchell, Cshier; Edward S. Irish, Assistant cashier; J. W. Hudston, Second Assistant Cashier.  Cooper Building, Seventeenth, corner Curtis streets.

DENVER SAVINGS BANK--George R. Swallow, President; F. O. Vaille, Vice-President; Carlos Wood, Cashier.  Sixteenth street, northwest corner Arapahoe.

McMANN & CO.--Located 1620 Arapahoe street.

FIRST NATIONAL BANK--David H. Moffat, President; W. S. Cheesman, Vice-President; G. E. Ross-Lewin, Vice-President; Thomas Keely, Cashier; W. C. Thomas, Assistant Cashier.  Equitable Building, Seventeenth, corner Stout.

NATIONAL BANK OF COMMERCE--Charles Boettcher, President; D. C. Dodge, Vice-President; Dr. D. H. Dougan, Cashier; W. B. Morrison, Assistant Cashier.  Corner Seventeenth and Arapahoe streets.

UNION STOCK YARDS BANK--D. H. Moffatt, President; S. G. Gill, Vice-President; W. J. Fine, Cashier.  Exchange Building, Denver Union Stock Yards.

WESTERN BANK (Safety Deposit Vaults)--W. G. Brown, President; W. A. Hover, Vice-President; George A. Stahl, Cashier.  Arapahoe, northwest corner Seventeenth streets.

DENVER CLEARING HOUSE ASSOCIATION--Meets Daily at 11 a.m., D. H. Moffat, President; C. B. Kountze, Vice-President; J. C. Mitchell, Secretary; W. B. Morrison, Treasurer.  Executive Committee:  J. A. Thatcher, G. E. Ross-Lewin, C. B. Kountze.

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