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1892 Railroads

ATCHISON, TOPEKA & SANTA FE RAILROAD.--  C. F. Zimmermann, General Agent Freight Department; J. P. Hall, Colorado Passenger Agent; freight and ticket office, Lawrence, southeast corner Seventeenth; friehgt depot, Wewatta, corner Eleventh.

BURLINGTON ROUTE.--  Representing the Burlington & Missouri River and the Chicago, Burlington & Quincy railraods.  George W. Vallery, General Agent; J. Milner, Ticket Agent.  Office, Burlington Block, 1700 Larimer street; passenger depot, Union Depot; freight depot, corner Sixteenth and Delgany.

CHICAGO & ALTON RAILROAD.--  H. J. Adams, Western Freight Agent; H. H. Shepperd, Western Traveling Passenger Agent; J. E. Birch, City Passenger Agent.  Office, 1213 Seventeenth street.

COLORADO MIDLAND RAILWAY.--  General offices, Colorado Springs.  Traffic department, Boston Bilding, Denver.  Allen Manvel, President; H. Collbran.  General Manager; E. W. Sells, Secretary and Auditor; Charles E. Noble, Treasurer; J. K. Waterman, General Freight Agent; Charles S. Lee, General Passenger Agent; W. J. Lawrence, Superintendent; B. H. Bryant, Chief Engineer.  Ticket office, 1700 Lawrence street; passenger depot, Union Depot; freight depot, corner Eleventh and Wewatta streets.

COLORADO EASTERN RAILWAY CO.--  E. F. Hallack, President; B. F. Vaughan, Vice-President; C. L. Horton, Treasurer; G. C. Wilde, Secretary; C. M. Wicker, General Manager; Robert McDowell, Auditor and Cashier.  Office, 617 Boston Building.

CHICAGO, ROCK ISLAND & PACIFIC RY.--  L. F. Kimball, Assistant General Freight Agent; W. H. Firth, General Agent Passenger Department; C. M. Van Law, Ticket Agent.  Office, 1664 Lawrence, Markham Hotel Block.

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DENVER, LAKEWOOD & GOLDEN RAILROAD.--  C. C. Welch, President; Samuel Newhouse, Vice-President; J. C. Hodges, Jr., Treasurer.  General offices, Ernest & Cranmer Building.

DENVER APEX AND WESTERN RAILWAY ("Apex Short Line").-- H. A. W. Tabor, President; Nathan A. Baker, Vice-President and General Manager; William G. Smith, Secretary and Treasurer; Albert G. Brooks, Auditor; H. A. Sumner, Chief Engineer.  Office, 42-43-45 Opera House Block.

DENVER & RIO GRANDE RAILROAD.--  E. T. Jeffery, President and General Manager; Joseph W. Gilluly, Treasurer; Andrew S. Hughes, Traffic Manager; Shadrick K. Hooper, General Passenger and Ticket Agent; C. M. Hobbs, Purchasing Agent; G. W> Kramer, Manager of Express; Edward O. Wolcott, General Consul; J. W. O'Connor, Chief Surgeon.  General offices, Cheesman Block, Larimer street, southwest corner Seventeenth; freight depot, Wynkoop corner Eleventh. 

MISSOURI PACIFIC RAILWAY CO.--  C. A. Tripp, General Western Freight and Passenger Agent; A. McFarland, Ticket Agent.  Offices, Cheesman Block, Larimer, southwest corner Seventeenth.

RIO GRANDE WESTERN RAILWAY.--  W. J. Palmer, President, New York City; George F. Peabody, First Vice-President, New York City; C. W. Drake, Secretary and Treasurer, New York City; D. C. Dodge, Second Vice-President and General Manager, Denver; Theron Geddes, Auditor; A. E. Welby, General Superintendent; S. H. Babcock, General Freight Agent; J. H. Bennett, General Passenger Agent; C. C. Smith, Assistant, General Manager.  General offices, Boston Building.