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1892 Insurance Companies (Home)

DENVER INSURANCE CO.-- Charles D. Cobb, President; B. F. Woodward, Vice-President; C. L. McIntosh, Treasurer;  F. A. Thompson, Secretary.  Office, Ernest & Cranmer Building.

GERMAN MUTUAL FIRE INSURANCE CO.--  Conrad Walbrach, President; Otto Brohm, Vice-President; F. L. Sigel, Treasurer; Charles Knoch, Secretary.  Office, 12 Good Block.

pg. 43
GREAT WESTERN MUTUAL AID AND ACCIDENT ASSOCIATION.--  W. A. H. Loveland, President; Frederick Steinhauer, Vice-President and Treasurer; T. L. Wiswall, Secretary.  Rooms 4 and 5, Tabor Block

THE EQUITABLE ACCIDENT INSURANCE CO.--  H. A. Reed, President; Seth A. Keeney, Vice-President; James Rice, Secretary; S. H. Hastings, Treasurer.  Office, 416 to 419 Ernest & Cranmer Building.