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1892 Courts

COURT OF APPEALS OF THE STATE OF COLORADO.-- Meet in State Building, Barclay Block, Larimer, corner Eighteenth street, on the second Mondays in January, April and ZSeptember.  George Q. Richmond, Presiding Judge; Julius B. Bissell and Gilbert B. Reed, Associate Judges; James Perchard, Clerk, John A. Murray, Bailiff.

SUPREME COURT OF THE STATE COLORADO.--  Meets in State Building, Barclay Bock, Larimer, corner Eighteenth, on second Monday in January, April and September.  Charles D. Hayt, Chief Justice; Victor A. Elliott and Joseph C. Helm, Justices; James A. Miller, Clerk; W. E. Beck, Reporter; F. A. Richardson, Bailiff.

UNITED STATES CIRCUIT COURT.--  Eighth Circuit, District of Colorado.  Meets in Gettysburg Building, 1722 Champa street, on first Tuesday in May and November, Judges -- David J. Brewer, Associate Justice, United States Supreme Court; H. C. Caldwell, Circuit Judge, Little Rock, Arkansas; Moses Hallett, District Judge, Denver; Robert Bailey, Clerk.

POLICE COURT.--  Meets daily at room 9 City Hall, Larimer street, corner Fourteenth.  George L. Sopris, Police Magistrate.

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COUNTY COURT OF ARAPAHOE COUNTY.-- Meets at the Court House on the first Monday in January, March, May, July, September and November.  George W. Miller, Judge; Will R. Perry, Clerk; Miss K. P. Mace, Deputy Clerk.

CRIMINAL COURT.-- John A. Bentley, George W. Allen, Amos J. Rising, David B Graham, D. V. Burns, Judges.  E. F. Dunlevy, Clerk.  Meets second Tuesday January, second Tuesday April and second Tuesday in September, at South Eleventh, northeast corner West Fourteenth avenue.

DISTRICT COURT.--  John A. Bentley, George W. Allen, David B. Graham and Amos J. Rising, D. V. Burns, Judges; Matt Adams, Clerk.  Meets on second Tuesday in January, second Tuesday in April and second Tuesday in September, at the Court House.

UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT.-- District of Colorado.  Meets in Gettysburg Building, 1722 Champs, corner of Seventeenth street, on the first Tuesday in May and November.  Moses Hallett, District Judge; J. D. Fleming, District Attorney; Francis W. Tupper, Clerk; Albert H. Jones, Marshal.