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1892 Cemeteries

FAIRMONT CEMETERY ASSOCIATION.--  Frank C. Young, President; Willard Teller, Vice President; W. D. Peirce, Secretary; W. D. Sims, Superintendent.  Office, Room 114 Boston Building; cemetery, four and one-half miles southeast of city.

RIVERSIDE CEMETERY ASSOCIATION.--  J. F. Brown, President; Charles D. Cobb, Secretary; John R. Hanna, Treasurer; Alexander Forsyth, Sexton.  Office, 224 Ernest & Cranmer Building; cemetery, one mile northeast of city limits.  

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ROSE HILL CEMETERY ASSOCIATION.--  I. N. Rogers, President; J. J. Walley, Treasurer; Chauncey Hale, Secretary. Office, 1619 Tremont.