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1892 Banks and Bankers

AMERICAN NATIONAL BANK.--  F. P. Ernest, President; Frank Church, Vice-President; Howard Evans, Cashier, Seventeenth, corner Curtis street.

CAPITAL BANK OF DENVER.-- J. N. Stephens, President; R. D. Hobart, Vice-President; Fred. H. Hanchett, Cashier; Hal C. Stephens, Asst. Cashier; R. R. Bollinger, Collector, 1634 Curtis street.

CITIZENS SAVINGS BANK.--  G. C. Reed, President; F. W. Graves, Vice-President; J. E. Yerkes, Cashier.  937 17th.

CITY NATIONAL BANK.-- John R. Hanna, PResident; Junius F. Brown, Vice-President; B. N. Freeman, Cashier; C. S. Burwell, Assistant Cashier.  Lawrence street, northwest corner of Sixteenth.

COLORADO NATIONAL BANK.--  Charles B. Kountze, President; Dennis Sheedy, Vice-President; G. B. Berger, Cashier; J. C. Heinz, Assistant Cashier.  Larimer street, northwest corner Seventeenth.

COLORADO SAVINGS BANK.--  Charles West, President; Alfred Butters, Vice-President; C. O. Atkins, Cashier; Leroy Hill, Jr., Assistant Cashier.  Railroad Building, 1511-1513 Larimer street.  

COMMERCIAL NATIONAL BANK.--  C. H. Dow, President; C. D. Cobb, Vice-President; Frank H. Dunlevy, Cashier; J. B. Sibley, Asst. Cashier.  906-908 Sixteenth street.  

DENVER INVESTMENT AND BANKING CORPORATION, LTD., John F. Main and Thomas J. Pulling, managers, 721 Seventeenth.  

DENVER NATIONAL BANK.--  Joseph A. Thatcher, President; James B. Grant, Vice-President; J. C. Mitchell, cashier; Edward S. Irish, Assistant Cashier.  Barclay Block, Larimer street, northwest corner Eighteenth.

DENVER SAVINGS BANK.--  D. H. Ferguson, President; S. N. Wood, Vice-President; C. H. Smith, Second Vice-President; C. Y. McClure, Cashier.  1227 Sixteenth street.

EAST DENVER SAVINGS BANK.--  H. E. Pack, Cashier.  4026 Market street.

FIRST NATIONAL BANK.--  David H. Moffat, President; W. S. Cheesman, Vice-President; G. E. Ross-Lewin, Cashier; Thomas Keely, Assistant Cashier; J. A. Vickers, Second Assistant Cashier.  Larimer street, corner Sixteenth.

MERCHANTS AND MECHANICS SAVINGS CO.--  W. J. Smith, President; C. S. Groesbeck, Treasurer; C. L. Groesbeck, Secretary, 1032 Fifteenth street.

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GERMAN NATIONAL BANK.-- J. J. Reithmann, President; D. C. Dodge, Vice-President; Charles M. Clinton, Cashier; Charles Kunsemiller, Jr., Assistant Cashier.  Larimer st., nw. cor. Sixteenth.

NATIONAL BANK OF COMMERCE.-- J. A. Cooper, President; H. R. Wolcott, Vice-President; C. L. McIntosh, Cashier; W. B. Morrison, Assistant Cashier.  Ernest & Cranmer building, corner Seventeenth and Curtis streets.

NORTH DENVER BANK.--  S. S. Kennedy, PResident; W. H. Yankee, Vice-President; A. H. Root, Cashier.  Located Fifteenth street, corner Central.  

NORTH SIDE SAVINGS BANK.--   J. A. Clough, President; W. M. Marshall, Cashier.  Gallup, corner Dunkeld avenues, Highlands.

PEOPLES NATIONAL BANK.--  M. J. Lawrence, President; D. D. Muir, Vice-President; F. C. Shrader, Cashier; M. L. Lawrence, Assistant Cashier.  Sixteenth corner Lawrence streets.

PEOPLES SAVINGS BANK.--  M. J. Lawrence, President; D. D. Muir, Vice-President; F. C. Shrader, Cashier; C. W. Keith, Assistant Cashier.  Sixteenth, corner Lawrence streets.

ROCKY MOUNTAIN DIME AND DOLLAR SAVINGS BANK.--  F. S. Woodbury, President; K. G. Cooper, Vice-President; E. S. Thompson, Assistant Cashier.  1515 Arapahoe street.

STATE NATIONAL BANK.--  John L. McNeil, President; E. L. Raymond; Vice-President; E. E. Quentin, Cashier.  Sixteenth street, northeast corner Larimer.

UNION NATIONAL BANK OF DENVER.-- R. W. Woodbury, President; M. Spangler, First Vice-President; W. N. Byers, Second Vice-President; W. H. Trask, Cashier; Robert G. Lockwood, Assistant Cashier.  Sixteenth street, northwest corner Arapahoe.  

McMANN & CO.--  Located 1620 Arapahoe street.  

WESTERN BANK (Safety Deposit Vaults).-- Fred C. Kilham, President; George W. Collins, Cashier. 1640 Arapahoe street.

DENVER CLEARING HOUSE ASSOCIATION.--  Meets daily at 11 a.m.  J. L. McNeil, President, J. C. Thatcher, Vice-President; C. M. Clinton, Secretary; C. H. Dow, Treasurer.  Executive Committee:  J. A. Thatcher, G. E. Ross-Lewis, C. B. Kountze.