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Denver Cemeteries List

Cemetery List
Submitted by Matthew Prythero
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Cemetery Name Location Type History Status Record Custodian/Owner Published Records Where Available
Byers Cemetery South side of Town of Byers (Sec. 16, T4S, R61W, 6th P.M.) Public   Still in use   Inscriptions Merrill
Chapel Hill Memorial Gardens Cemetery 6601 S. Colorado Blvd, Littleton (Sec. 24, T5S, R68W, 6th P.M.) Private Est. 1951; 1st burial Feb. 1952 Still in use; over 10,000 graves Chapel Hill Cemetery Office, 6601 S. Colorado Blvd. Littleton, CO    
Deer Trail Cemetery See: Evergreen Cemetery            
Evergreen Cemetery Northeast side of Town of Deer Trail (Sec. 18, T5S, R59W, 6th P.M.) Public Town est. 1875; 1st marked burial 1876 Still in use; c. 400 graves Mrs. Margaret Rector Box 332, Deer Trail, CO 80105 (Records begin 1927) Inscriptions Merrill
Jolly Cemetery c. 10 miles east of Cabin Creek, c. 1/4 mile south of U.S. 36 (Sec. 2, T4S, R58W, 6th P.M.) Private, Family 3 Jolly family graves; 1st burial 1904; last 1912 Abandoned Wanda Jolly, Littleton, CO Inscriptions AGS
Kirker Family Cemetery See: Melvin-Lewis Cemetery            
Lewis Cemetery See: Melvin-Lewis Cemetery            
Littleton Cemetery 6155 So. Prince St., Littleton (Sec. 20, T5S, R67W, 6th P.M.) Public 1st known burial 1864; cemetery organized 1872 Still in use Cemetery Office, 6155 So. Prince, Littleton, CO Inscription, Cemetery Records CG24:40, 66, 98; CG25:5, 40; DAR:MtR
Melvin Cemetery See: Melvin-Lewis Cemetery            
Melvin-Lewis Cemetery East side of Parker Rd., c. 1 1/2 miles north of intersection with Arapahoe Rd. (Sec. 18, T5S, R59W, 6th P.M.) Commu- nity, now private Very early cemetery; 1st burial an Indian boyl used before 1880; last burials c. 1910; c. 90 graves Abandoned; only base of one stone remains; few burials removed to Fairmount Cemetery, Denver No records exist. Information MEE;AGS
Mount Nebo Cemetery 11618 East Colfax Ave., Aurora (Sec. 2, T4S, R67W, 6th P.M.) Private, Jewish Est. 1902; contains earlier burials from Jewish Section of Denver's old City Cemetery Still in use Mr. Jake Cohen, BMH Congregation, 560 S. Monaco Pkwy., Denver, CO List of Burials compiled 1956 GS1149pt6
Running Creek Cemetery (or Salem Cemetery) On east bank of Box Elder Creek, north side of Colo. 30, 9 miles east of intersection of Quincy and Gun Club Rd. (SE1/4 Sec. 4, T5S, R64W, 6th P.M.) Private 4 known graves, possibly others; marker 1905 Abandoned No records exist. Inscription, Information AGS; Merrill
Rural Cemetery No. 1 From E. Belleview Ave, go south on Franklin St. to Crestridge Dr., turn right (west), located just past Greenwood Dr. intersection, Greenwood Village (Sec. 14, T5S, R68W, 6th P.M.) Private Original land owner W. W. Watson; 6-7 graves; burials occurred before 1951 Abandoned, no evidence remains No records exist. Information AGS
Salem Cemetery (or Running Creek Cemetery) On the north side of Colo. 30, 7 miles east of intersection of Quincy & Gun Club Rd. (SW1/4 Sec. 5, T5S, R64W, 6th P.M.) Private