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History of the City of Denver

History of the City of Denver, Arapahoe County, and Colorado, O. L. Baskin & Co., Historical Pulishers, c. 1880

Part III
        Chapter I.  Wonderful Transformation of Twenty Years -- A Prophecy.
        Chapter II.  Pen Picture of Denver in 1859 -- The Pioneers.
        Chapter III.  The Fall and Winter Campaign.
        Chapter IV.  The City of Denver in 1860 -- Lot Jumping, Etc.
        Chapter V.  Denver in 1861.
        Chapter VI.  From 1862 to the Flood.
        Chapter VII.  The Great Flood of 1864.
        Chapter VIII.  After the Flood. 
        Chapter IX.  Coming of the Railroads.
        Chapter X.  Events of the Year 1869.
        Chapter XI.  The Railroad Year 1870.
        Chapter XII.  Progress in the Years 1871-72.
        Chapter XIII.  Denver from 1873 to 1875.
        Chapter XV.  Denver in 1877-8-9.
        Chapter XVI.  Denver During the Year 1879.
        Chapter XVII.  The Public Schools.
        Chapter XVIII.  Railroads -- The Denver Pacific.
        Chapter XIX.  Denver, South Park & Pacific.
        Chapter XX.  Denver & Rio Grande Railway.
        Chapter XXI.  The Colorado Central Railroad.
        Chapter XXII.  The Telegraph and Street Railways.
        Chapter XXIII.  The Churches of Denver.
        Chapter XXIV.  The Sunday Schools of Denver.
        Chapter XXV.  Hill's Smelting Works.
        Chapter XXVI.  Miscellaneous.
            Secret Benevolent Societies.
            Brinker Collegiate Institute.
            Places of Amusement.
            The Fire Companies.
            The Military Companies.
            Denver Peculiarities.
        Chapter XXVII.  The Learned Professions.

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