Table of Contents

Table of Contents

NOTE:  There was no index in the original history.
Therefore, we are in the process of building an "every name" index for these pages.

Chapter XXIII

"First" House-Building - Some of the "Early Settlers" - Pioneer Street Names - First Cabin - Other Early Builders in "Auraria City" - Beginnings of "Denver City" - Its First Cabin, and Subsequent Pioneer Improvements - Mercantile Pioneers - First Christmas Celebration at Cherry Creek - First Masonic Meeting - First Clergyman - Pioneer Women - Rivalry Between the Two Towns - Conditions at Close of 1858 - Their Common Heritage

Chapter XXIV

Effect in the East of "Pike’s Peak Stories" in Winter of 1858-59 - Great Invasion in the Spring of 1859 - Reflex of Panic of 1857 - Character of Immigrants - Hardships of the Journey - Reckless Enthusiasm of the Host - Legends Adorning Wagons - Daily Routine and Incidents - Delusions of Embryo Miners - Mass of Immigrants Not of Unworthy Men - Peculiar Circumstances Attending Colorado’s Settlement.

Chapter XXV

Progress of Cherry Creek Towns - New Business Enterprises - First Hotel - "County Murat" - First Ferry - First birth in the Settlements - Career of the First-Born - Isolation in that First Winter - Further Improvements and Business Enterprises - Arrival of Saw Mills - Political Movement - Pioneer Newspapers - Transactions of the town Companies - Homicide - First Stages to Denver - Progress Made by Midsummer of 1859.