Stevenson, Archie MacNichol

Archie MacNichol Stevenson
Rothesay, Scotland
Vernon County, Wisconsin

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Archie MacNichol Stevenson was born in Rothesay, Scotland, in 1857; son of P.C. and Elizabeth Stevenson. When our subject was six months old the family removed to Canada, and three years later located in Vernon county, Wisconsin.

Young Stevenson attended the common schools there and the High School at Viroqua; and later Houghton’s Private Academy.  He then studied law and was admitted to the Bar when twenty-one years old.

In the autumn of 1876, Mr. Stevenson removed to Nebraska where he practiced law three years. Coming to Colorado in 1879 he has been actively engaged here in the practice of his profession since that time.  He was a Republican member (from the Gunnison District) of the State Senate in the Sixth and Seventh General Assemblies; and in 1896 a Delegate in the Republican National Convention at St. Louis, from which, in obedience to the instructions of the Colorado State Convention, he withdrew upon the adoption of the anti-silver plank of the National platform.  In 1900 he returned to the Republican party, in which he is an able leader, vigorously supported its candidates and policies (silver having ceased to be an issue), and is now a member for Colorado of the Republican National Committee.