Ross-Lewin, George E.

George E. Ross-Lewin
Rochester, New York

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George E. Ross-Lewin, Vice President of the First National Bank, is a native of New York State, having been born in the city of Rochester March 28, 1857.  Educated in the Rochester schools, he began an apprenticeship in banking in 1875 and continued it until 1881.  In June of that year he came to Denver, and soon thereafter began his service with the First National and which has been continuous to this time.

On April 29, 1886, Mr. Ross-Lewin was elected Assistant Cashier of the Bank and so remained until September 26, 1891, when he succeeded Samuel N. Wood as Cashier.  Filling that position until January 9, 1900, he was then elected one of the bank’s two Vice Presidents; his daily duties being those of the more active of those two offices.  In duration of identification with the executive management of the First National, Mr. Ross-Lewin now stands next to President Moffat and Vice President Cheesman.  He is also a Director and the Treasurer of the Tramway Company, and is similarly associated with various other corporation organizations in the city and the State.