Coe, Earl B.

Earl B. Coe
Oswego County, NY
Ann Arbor, Washtenaw County, MI
Omaha, Douglas County, NE

Page 659

Earl B. Coe, president of the Times-Sun Publishing Company, the corporation proprietary of the Denver Times, was born in Oswego, N. Y., on July 15, 1858.  After the usual terms in the public schools of that city he entered the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor where he was graduated in the Law Department of that institution in 1880. Coming to the west in the autumn of that year, he located in Omaha where he established himself in the practice of his professional.   After about one year of residence in Omaha, he removed to Denver, practiced alone a few years, and then formed a partnership with Edward L. Freeman, under the firm name of Coe & Freeman, that continued until Mr. Freeman’s death in 1891.  Mr. Coe then joined Samuel L. Carpenter in a law partnership under the firm name of Coe & Carpenter.  This relation existed until the spring of 1893 when Mr. Coe became the owner of the Colorado Sun newspaper.  The particulars of his subsequent organization of the Times-Sun Publishing Company, of the acquisition of the Denver Times newspaper property, and of the consolidation of the times and the Sun, are related elsewhere on these pages.  These transactions took him out of legal practice and, while he has been and is connected with various other business enterprises, he has, since 1894, given the greater part of his time and attention to the Times and its proprietary company.  In 1892 Mr. Coe was the Republican candidate for Congress in the First (Denver) District, but that not having been a prosperous year for Republican candidates in Colorado, he shared the common defeat that befell his party.  He was chiefly instrumental, as related in chapter LXIX, in the comparatively recent introduction in Colorado of the sugar beet industry, which has already grown to large proportions and bids fair to become one of great magnitude in the State.