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The Association of Government Accountants supports the careers and professional development of government finance professionals working in federal, state and local governments as well as the private sector and academia. 

Founded in 1950, AGA enjoys a long history as the thought leader for the government accountability profession. Through education, research, publications, certification and conferences, AGA reaches thousands of professionals and offers more than 100,000 continuing professional education (CPE) hours annually.

AGA members, who number more than 16,000, are civil servants; local governmental accountants and finance professionals, finance directors, state auditors, federal chief financial officers, academicians and private sector leaders. 

They all join for the same reason—access to the organization that represents the breadth of the profession.

We hope that you will find our organization's local chapter a helpful and reliable source of thought leadership in the governmental finance arenas.

President's Message 2017

posted Nov 15, 2016, 8:11 PM by CEC.denver AGA

Happy New Year! 

We have entered a new fiscal year for AGA, and I have the honor of being your president for the upcoming year.
I am very excited about what our board members have planned for the year. We will be offering free CPE over the lunch hour,
providing opportunities to serve our community, and offering you the ability to earn your CGFM on us!

Also, let me know if you have any interest in joining our board, we have a few open positions that may be just right for you.

I look forward to seeing you at our events this year.

– Cynthia Nickels

President's Welcome Message

posted Nov 3, 2015, 12:38 PM by Denver Aga

On behalf of the AGA Denver Executive Committee I would like to extend a warm welcome to the newest members of our chapter and re-welcome our returning members. By way of introduction, I am pleased to be your incoming AGA Denver Chapter President for the 2015/2016 program year and look forward to serving this organization for the third year.

My goals build on the momentum we have achieved and will focus on providing diverse professional education; expanding quality networking and community service opportunities, and encouraging you to be an active member of this unique professional/government network in and around the Denver area. The AGA Denver Chapter is committed to serving our members and meeting your professional needs in a meaningful way. We know that all of our members are busy and time away from work or family must be time well spent. Each year we survey our membership base to keep a pulse on what’s important to you. This is what we heard from our latest survey which guides our steps in the year ahead:  High interest in diversifying our CPE program  Continued interest in networking events  Some interest in CGFM training / study activities  Some interest in community service activities The Executive Committee is the leadership team that oversees our organization and we meet over the summer to further outline the current program year. Some of the top priorities we will be incorporating this year include:
  • Continuation of the popular professional development training events that you are familiar with and adding new partnerships and events
  • Revitalizing opportunities for networking
  • Promoting value of AGA with Federal, State and Local government organizations, universities, other professional organizations, and commercial entities
  • Scholarship opportunities for financial assistance for CGFM
  • Membership interaction with board and involvement with chapter through community service, networking and professional development events

We are excited about the direction we are headed and look forward to rolling these programs out in the coming months. If you are interested in supporting our mission, then please consider joining our leadership team. We are looking to add leaders for the following roles:

  • Director of Membership
  • Professional Development Training Event Co-Chair
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer Elect
  • President Elect

Each position is a one-year commitment and is fully supported by the Executive Committee. We have a dedicated and talented team that works together to make each of our programs a success. Time commitment is minimal and prior experience is not required. If you would like to hear more about any of these positions, please contact me at bob.pereira@ey.com.

Thank you for being a member of AGA Denver. I look forward to serving you during the coming program year.

Here’s to a successful 2015/ 2016!

Bob Pereira, CPA


AGA Denver Chapter

President's Farewell Message

posted Nov 3, 2015, 12:31 PM by Denver Aga   [ updated Nov 3, 2015, 12:32 PM ]

Fellow Denver AGA members –
In my last week as your chapter president, I am reflecting on whether or not I lived up to my commitment.

You may recall in my introductory president’s message from July 2014, I spelled out four overarching goals that incorporated your feedback from the annual member survey: Diversifying the CPE program; Revitalizing opportunities for networking; Offering CGFM financial assistance; Promoting AGA membership value. My perception is your volunteer board members, who dedicate their personal time and talents, delivered on these goals.

Some of our accomplishments include: We offered a total of 34 CPE hours, including 18 free! We diversified our program by increasing focus on state/local government and adding more topics around government accountability and career planning. We tested your desire for networking opportunities with our January event in a snowstorm!!! Many of you braved the elements to connect with CFOs and peers. We awarded 3 CGFM scholarships, covering full cost for the 1st time. We had 5 members earn that certification or make significant progress toward their certification.  We recognized 6 financial community "superstars" for their accomplishments in community service, stepping up to new challenges, and mentoring a new generation. We added 2 new board members for the 2014-15 program year and 2 for the 2015-16 program year.

Adding volunteers with fresh perspectives can only make our program plan more effective. My hope is that you are attending events, volunteering, and/or spreading the value of AGA to others. Thank you to the 2014-15 board: Cynthia Nickels, David LaVeau, Bob Pereira, Wendy Shatford, George Nixon, Miriam Smith, Jeff Hart, Carol Hooper, Rebecca Gupta, Jackie Schmuhl, and Porscha Hicks-Plant.

Dennis Sullivan
President, Denver Chapter

President's Message

posted Oct 1, 2014, 11:26 AM by Denver Aga

Fellow members and chapter supporters –

My name is Dennis Sullivan and I’m honored to serve as your chapter president for the 2014-15 program year. I’ve been serving the government financial management community for 24 years, both as a government employee (14 years) and a consultant (nearly 10 years). I first joined AGA in 2002. Over that time I’ve stayed engaged with AGA for many reasons, but 2 float to the top:

 I value the relationships I’ve made through AGA. There are so many people I’ve met, learned from, and, as a result, grown personally and professionally.

 The dollars I spend on AGA membership dues pay for themselves. Our AGA membership dues provide a 500% return through benefits such as: training discounts; AGA’s quarterly journal; access to various tools and thought leadership references through the national website; free access to career planning and mentoring; and many others.

The chapter’s board met on June 18th to decide upon areas of focus for the year. We considered many inputs to provide context for our decisions: 1) the annual member survey; 2) an analysis of chapter strengths and opportunities for improvement; 3) best practices from other chapters. Highlights of our plan include:

1. Diversifying the CPE program:

In addition to offering the monthly audio conference program and annual PDT event, we will add 2 in-person speaking events throughout the program year. We also intend to diversify topics by increasing emphasis on local governments at all our events. Finally, we are looking for opportunities to alternate locations throughout town.

2. Revitalizing opportunities for networking:

As a starting point, we’ll be adding a networking event in conjunction with each in-person speaking event. More to come as the events take shape.

3. Opportunity for financial assistance to become a Certified Government Financial Manager:

We will offer 4 scholarships that provide you the opportunity to fund the full cost of earning this certification.

4. Promote the value of AGA membership within and outside the Chapter.

Our activities here start with delivering on what we plan for the year so that each of our members experiences the value of membership. But it also includes exposing AGA to the government community more broadly.

I look forward to serving you this year and I encourage each of you to take advantage of your membership.

Dennis R. Sullivan, President

Denver AGA Chapter


Hello and Welcome....

posted Mar 4, 2013, 7:40 AM by Denver Aga   [ updated Mar 11, 2013, 7:37 PM ]

4 March 2013, Denver, Colorado
Hi Everybody,
I wanted to take a moment to welcome you all to The Denver Chapter of the AGA's new home on the world wide web.
Unfortunately, we lost much of the content that was hosted on the old webpage. 
So, a fresh start is mandatory -- however the opportunity is welcomed. 
I wanted to give a word of praise for our members who have taken on and passed the CFGM certification exams.
If you have not heard Gov. Hickenlooper has declared March 2013 as Certified Government Financial Manager Month.
(the proclamation is attached) 
Please feel free to reach out to us for comments, concerns, and encouragement at:
AGA Denver Chapter
PO Box 151300
Lakewood, CO 80215
denveraga@gmail.com will also reach us.....
Please watch these pages to keep up with the chapter activities, we would be honored to see you at our next events.
Warm regards,
AGA Denver Chapter Board
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