Boat Assisted Rescue exercise

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Thank you for Saving the Date for the Boat Assisted Rescue exercise (BAR-X), June 24-26. It’s now time to REGISTER! What a great opportunity to spend some time chillaxin’ at area lakes while learning first-hand about our region’s water rescue capabilities.

A flyer is attached with general information about the exercise; detailed volunteer information is bulleted below. You may register from the link in the flyer or by using registration links in this email.

  • Dates:
    • June 24-26, 2019 (Mon-Wed)
  • Times:
    • 0800-1200 each day
  • Lake locations:
    • Lewisville Lake
    • Joe Pool Lake
    • Eagle Mountain Lake
  • Number of volunteers needed per lake site per day:
    • 50 volunteers at each lake location each day
  • Age limit: no one under 18 years of age allowed
  • Waivers ARE REQUIRED and are located on the registration link and attached to this email.
    • Volunteers should print, fill, sign, and bring one waiver per person to the event.
  • Staging locations/rally points:
    • Exact locations at each lake will be sent out via email the week of June 17th
    • Contact information for a volunteer coordinator at each location will be sent with rally point info the week of June 17th
  • Other:
    • A PDF will be emailed to all participants the week of June 17th.
    • Because of the current flooded condition of all three exercise lakes, rally locations and specifics will be sent closer to the event.
      • By June 17 exercise organizers hope to know which boat ramp areas will be safe and available as exercise base of operations.
    • Drinks: ice chests with water and Gatorade will be available at each rally point.
      • Individuals may want to bring their own small ice chest for the few hours they will be on shore awaiting rescue.
    • Transportation from rally point to exercise site and back:
      • Provided as needed
    • Coast Guard approved Personal Floatation Device (PFD) provided?
      • Participating boat crews or TCC will provide vests to everyone before they are placed in a boat.
      • Volunteers may bring their own Coast Guard approved PFD
    • Recommended dress/resources:
      • Dress to be in the elements comfortably for about four hours
      • Wear shoes that you don’t mind getting wet or soiled
      • Hats
      • Sunscreen!
      • Power bank cell charger, if desired


Note: the registration form is universal for both responders and volunteers. Be sure to review the volunteer prompts below to ensure you have registered properly as a volunteer.


The deadline to sign-up is 8am on Monday, June 17, 2019.

  • Agency (or volunteer program)
  • Contact Name

First Name, Last Name

  • Phone Number

Area Code/Phone Number

  • E-mail Address
  • Are you signing up to participate as a team with a boat?

Yes No (VOLUNTEERS MARK NO) Please do not bring a boat….

  • How many team members do you plan to bring with the boat each day? (N/A OR “0” FOR VOLUNTEERS)
  • Select the role, location, and date for which you plan to attend the Bar X. (SELECT VOLUNTEER, LOCATION, AND DATE) You may participate multiple dates.
  • Provide an Emergency Contact Name and Phone Number:
  • All Volunteers, Observers, and Evaluators are required to complete the waiver and turn it in prior to being allowed on any of the training sites. COMPLETE, PRINT, AND SIGN THE WAIVER – BRING IT TO THE EVENT (a downloadable waiver form follows this prompt on the registration site; a waiver form is also attached to this email for your convenience)

Please refer questions to Mr. Pat English:

Thank you for making North Central Texas a safer place to live!

Kind regards,

Melanie Devine, MPA

Supervisor, Emergency Preparedness Dept.

NCT Regional Citizen Corps Program Coordinator

North Central Texas Council Of Governments

P.O. Box 5888 ▪ Arlington, Texas 76005-5888

Ofc. 817.695.9138 ▪ Cell 817.875.5496 ▪ FAX 817.608.2372