Dental Tools Names

    dental tools
  • Dental instruments are the tools that dental professionals use to provide dental treatment. They include tools to examine, manipulate, restore and remove teeth and surrounding oral structures.
  • The first coat of the molding elastomer, which is applied directly to the specimen. This coat is responsible for capturing the surface details on the specimen. Synonymous with print coat, gel coat.
  • A famous person
  • (name) assign a specified (usually proper) proper name to; "They named their son David"; "The new school was named after the famous Civil Rights leader"
  • name calling: verbal abuse; a crude substitute for argument; "sticks and stones may break my bones but names can never hurt me"
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Hard Dentistry Prick tiny bits of gunk from nasty places with these hardened stainless steel dental tools. But please don't use them for dental work. They are slight seconds, and some may have been re-worked which only matters to teeth. Trim excess glue from models, place a barrel on the deck of the ship-in-a-bottle, clean a rasp. If you need the strength and durability in a tiny pick, you need these tools. We have an assortment of the sort you've seen laid out on your dentist's tray. We'll pick (3) different ones for you.

My Studio: December 5, 2010 / New Tools
My Studio: December 5, 2010 / New Tools
I have to thank my wife, Donna, for having a really good sharp eye. We've done a bit of antique mall crawling during the past month and she came up with two great finds for my studio. She spotted to old white glass dental tool trays for about ten bucks total. They are just great for organizing my small brushes! Then, a couple of weeks later she found two metal cups (made in India), four bucks for the pair! I used some Bar Keeper's Friend (actual product name) and they cleaned up like brand new in minutes! I am using them for painting and mixing knives. Hooray for Donna.
Lil Dental Cube - original label
Lil Dental Cube - original label
This is the name tag originally glued to the top of the box. Louise Cole, wherever you are now, I hope you're doing well and I thank you for the opportunity to restore this handsome little box.