War Memorial - Tribute to Shelter Island Combat War Veterans

                                                                                               Site published   May 2012
                                                             Mitchell Post NO. 281 The American Legion, Shelter Island, New York
                                                                                       Shelter Island, New York / year 2012
                                                                                                        World War ll
                                                                                       U.S. Troops in Action - 1942-1945
                                                                                     Kate Smith introduces God Bless America
                                                                                                       Korean War
                                                                                             name list served in Combat
                                                  ( how many names on this memorial plaque actually served in Korea ? - incountry  )
                                                                                               Vietnam Conflict  ( War )
                                                                    was supposed to say Era - most did not serve in Veitnam    
                                                                                             Name list served in Combat                                                    
                                          ( for the record - most names on this memorial plaque did not serve in Vietnam - incountry )
                                                                             In Honor of Shelter Island, N.Y. / After year 1975
                                                                                               Tribute to Joe Theinert
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