Welcome to the Den of Damnation, a place where all fans of Mordheim; City of the Damned, can share and experience their creations and thoughts about the game.

You'll find custom warbands, new scenarios, new rules and links to all manners of other sites that contain good Mordheim content.

Oh, and who am I? Call me Jonas (or Jon, as it seems to have become during the last months in the community) , I'm a 25 year old guy from Sweden, currently studying to become a college teacher. Om my free time I build terrain and convert/paint all manner of models. Playing the game seems to be the last thing I do, as other players are scarce in my area, but for now, we are three players, but perhaps more will come eventually... Until then, I will continue to paint, model and write articles and everything else you will find om this site.

A special thanks to "Knorp" for ideas and help with the web-page.