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“The Cat

“The Tampon Poem

The Indianapolis Review

(The Visual Poetry Issue)

“Choice of a Country

Amsterdam Quarterly



Living Without Fear of the Air”
North of Oxford    The Pandemic Issue #4

“Type Writer”
Aji Magazine

“Natural World”
pacific REVIEW: 

A West Coast Arts Review Annual 

Still You: Poems of Illness and Healing 
(Wolf Ridge Press2020)

“Your Father”
Feminist Fathering/Fathering Feminists: 
New Definitions and Directions 
(Demeter Press, 2020)

Cross of Time



(Nostalgia / La nostalgie)

Southern Humanities Review

“I Don’t Remember”
Earth’s Daughters
(Under the Rug)

with audio
Nightingale & Sparrow 
Halloween 2019

“In Pétra” 

“A Look at Moving”

Willawaw Journal

(fall 2019)

with audio
“Poem of the Week”
(October 7, 2019)

“In the Crawl Space”
The Timberline Review
(Home 2019)

“Woman from Thessaloníki,” 
The Step of the Door,” 
and commentary: chapter 15
(Demeter Press, 2019)

“Are Telomeres Like Shoelaces?” 
(a series of tubes; winter 2018)

A Woman Like Me  
Infinite Rust  
(issue: Home)

“If I Come Back in a Second Life” 
LightA Journal of Photography & Poetry

(Resistance  & Resilience / La resistance et le ressort)

and an interview 
The Rappahannock  Review 

ANTITHESIS Journal’s blog
(July 19, 2018)

with audio
“Poem of the Week 
(June 18, 2018)
Vallum: Contemporary Poetry

Snake Oil 
Women's Studies QuarterlyWSQ 

“Showing You the Grooming Tools”
 The Fenland Reed 
(The Body)

White Dog 
The Minds Eye 
(issue: Dog Diaries)

Second Half” 

Mom Egg Review 

(Mothers Work, Mothers Play)

Up ahead a slice of bone, 

The Ilanot Review 


Exiled at Siesta



Show Jacket 

“Seeing You at the Show Grounds

The Broken City

(Hurry! Hard!)

The Hourglass of My Figure 

Has Swallowed a Pear



(Body Politics)




(Hallowell Press, 2017)

What I Could Have Done” 

Earth's Daughters 


“Bus Stop, Athens, Greece” 

Cæsura: The Journal of Poetry Center San José 


“Women Didn’t Go to the Kafeníon
fron//tera: bilingual literary magazine 
based in Madrid

Amsterdam Quarterly


After Letting the Horses Out”  

The Lost Sparrow

(Lost Sparrow Press, 2017)




Proteus: A Journal of Ideas, 2017

(Volume 31.1: Privacy and Freedom 

in the Digital Age



(issue: Poetry of Nature)

“Hot Breath

Contemporary Verse 2: 

The Canadian Journal of Poetry and 

Critical Writing (CV2)

Hair issue

Raccoon Prints 
Whitefish Review
Tenth Anniversary issue (Out of Time)

“Fishing for an Octopus”  
Driftfish: A Zoomorphic Anthology 
(Zoomorphic, 2016)

“The lake, when I was growing up,” 
Earth’s Daughters 
(issue 88. Ebb, 2016)

“The Fast” 
Mothers and Sons: Centering Mother Knowledge 
(Demeter Press, 2016)

Pilgrimage magazine  

“The island’s heat” 
“The way the coast came to meet us” 
“Desire in the Rock of the Cove” 
New Madrid, Journal of Contemporary Literature 
(Evolving Islands)

Green Humanities: 
Eco-Gencies: Eco-Critical Responses 
to Contemporary Environmental Crises

Magma Poetry, 2014

Swallowing Ourselves Whole

Magma Poetry, 2014

Earths Daughters, 2014

To My Boy Friend in High School”
Aethlon: The Journal of Sport Literature
Sport Literature Anthology

Original Bride
Vallum: contemporary poetry, issue 11:1, 2014 

Through the Front Door”
Magma Poetry, 2013
The Shape of the Poem)

Going Fishing and Cooking the Fish‏

About Place Journal, November 2013
(The Future of Water)

Four poems

Unruly Catholic Women Writers: Creative Responses to Catholicism
Excelsior Editions/SUNY Press, 2013

“The Submission Process”
(The Writer's Experience)

Press Americana, 2013

Like a Day I Never Knew
The Other Journal, 2013 (Prayer)

The S
hepherd” (with audio)
qarrtsiluni, 2013 (Animals in the City)
Earths Daughters, 2013 (One if by Land)
Looking at Us Eat”
Watching the Birds”
(The Politics of...)
Indian River Review, 2012
subTerrain, 2012
The Women of the Village”
Off the Coast, spring 2012
GREEN issue
at the taverna
“Pressing On”
“Mother of the House”
“A Sigh on Mykonos”
“Thick Rope”
“The Half of It” 
C’est vrai, I’m thinking—” 
Telling and Re-telling: The Mosaics of Traveling
Narratives and Narrators
Twentieth Anniversary Edition
To Wake Us”
The Poetry Supplement, winter 2012
The Rover”
Making Connections: Interdisciplinary Approaches
to Cultural Diversity, fall 2011
Morning on Mykonos”
I Cannot Lie Down Anymore”
A Slice of Noon” 
Finding Myself at the Acropolis”
To My Boy Friend in High School”
Aethlon: The Journal of Sport Literature
Bathing at Peaks of Otter
Vallum: new international poetics, issue 8:1, 2011 (Mountains & Heights)
The Way Out”
Cimarron Review, issues 175 and 176, spring/summer 2011
Knocking at the Door: Poems for Approaching the Other
Birch Bench Press, 2011
Running from Predators”
Sure Footing”
Washing My Horse’s Sheath” 
Sport Literate, 15th Anniversary issue
The First Winter Winds” 
Cove in Another Country”
LiNQ, 2010 (Islands)
An pei kati, tha faei ksilo
Descant, The Winter Reader, 2010 
To Fos Stin Elláda”
What Is Missing”
Alligator Juniper, Special International Section, issue 15, 2010
The Village Mongrels” 
The Abandoned Woman in the Water Closet”
antiTHESIS, 2010 (Fear)
Ode to Fungi-filled Face Cream”
(Lost Horse Press, 2010)
Selection of poems
Atenea: a bilingual journal of the humanities and social sciences (special issue on Time and Temporality)
Leaving You” 
Jacket, issue 38, late 2009 (Feature: H.D.)
Vallum: contemporary poetry, issue 7:1, 2009 (Luck)
I Refuse. I Refuse.”
Existere - Journal of Arts and Literature, fall 2009/winter 2010
Just Married in the Village”
Sojourn: A Journal of the Arts, volume 22, 2009
Beyond Appearances” 
Borderlands: Texas Poetry Review, issue 32, spring/summer 2009 (special issue on ekphrastic poetry)
Calling Out”
The Permissible Food of Marriage” 
The Supper” 
Is Time Immortal?”
Cider Press Review, 2009
Amoskeag, spring 2009
The Women” 
Blue Dusk”
genre: arrivals and departures, 2009 (genre: an International Journal of Literature and the Arts)
A Life of Blood”
Women. Period.
Spinsters Ink, 2008
Football in Athens, with Her”
University of Nebraska Press, 2008
The New Filly”
Cadence of Hooves: A Celebration of Horses 
Yarroway Mountain Press, 2008
Uncertain wavering”
Letters to the World: Poems from the Wom-po LISTSERV
Red Hen Press, 2008
The Coastal Road”
Sunrise, Mytilini” A Journal of the Built & Natural Environments, Issue No. 21, winter/spring 2008 (Islands and Archipelagos)
Horse Auction”
How Things Are”
Descant, fall 2007 issue (Fashion)
From the 21st Floor”
Crab Orchard Review, summer/fall 2007 issue (Come Together ~ Occasions, Ceremonies, & Celebrations)
Earths Daughters, double issue (Once Upon a Time and Games); the poem is also mentioned in the Small Press Review, September 7, 2007
Five poems
Interdisciplinary Humanities (The National Association for Humanities Education Scholarly Journal), spring 2007 issue (Technoculture)


Readings & Book Signings

Reading and Book Launch for Intersection on Neptune, winner of Prize Americana, Bridgewater Public Library, Somerset Poetry Group, Bridgewater, N.J., September 4

Reading, Poets at the Library, U.S. 1 Poets' Cooperative and Delaware Valley Poets Joint Readings Series, Princeton Public Library, Princeton, N.J., June 11

Reading, Somerset Poetry Group, Bridgewater Township Library, Bridgewater, NJ, May 1


Reading, Delaware Valley Poets, Barnes & Noble Booksellers, Princeton MarketFair, NJ, September 14

Reading, in celebration of Small Press Month and the release of the anthology Poetic Voices Without Borders 2 (Gival Press), The New York Center for Independent Publishing, New York City, March 18



Reading, The Greek-American Writers' Association, Cornelia Street Café, New York City, September 20

Reading, Delaware Valley Poets, Barnes & Noble Booksellers, Princeton MarketFair, NJ, September 8

Book Signing, B. Dalton Booksellers, Quaker Bridge Mall, Lawrenceville, NJ, March 22

Girl Talk: A Women's Poetry Reading, A Reading in Celebration of Women's History Month, West Caldwell Public Library, NJ, March 15  See photos at Blogalicious.

Book Signing, The Association of Writers and Writing Programs (AWP) Conference & Bookfair, New York City, Americas Hall II, table #455, Potomac Review / Gival Press, February 1's 10th Anniversary Read, Cornelia Street Café, New York City, January 31  Photos at Blog, February 9, 2008



Book Signing, B. Dalton Booksellers, Quaker Bridge Mall, Lawrenceville, NJ, December 16

Coffee House Poetry Reading, Barnes & Noble Booksellers, The Hamilton Marketplace, Hamilton, NJ, Sponsored by Allies Inc., December 13

Reading, Doylestown Bookshop, Doylestown, PA, November 30

Reading, Illini Union Bookstore, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Authors Corner, October 29


Reading, The Greek-American Writers' Association, Cornelia Street Café, New York City, April 21

Cup & Pen Reading Series, Think Coffee, New York City, January 3



Reading and Book Launch, Princeton University Store, NJ, December 2 





Dennis H. Lee wins the Henry Morgenthau III Poetry Prize (Passager Books) for Tidal Wave.

Erica Goss reviews Intersection on Neptune in Sticks & Stones: a newsletter, July 2020.

Intersection on Neptune is reviewed by Jessica G. de Koninck, Presence: A Journal of Catholic Poetry.

Interview at River Heron Review

Intersection on Neptune is reviewed by Jacqueline Vogtman, Kelsey Review.

Intersection on Neptune is one of North of Oxford’s “Holiday Reading Recommendations — Most Popular Books 2019.

Intersection on Neptune is reviewed by Bryan R. Monte at Amsterdam Quarterly.

Intersection on Neptune is reviewed by g emil reutter at North of Oxford.

Intersection on Neptune is reviewed by Ilka Gordon, AJL News and Reviews, November/December 2019.

Intersection on Neptune announcement in Currents - Summer 2019Mom Egg Review  

Featured poem, from Intersection on Neptune, on Verse Daily

“ALUMNA SPOTLIGHT!” Intersection on 
Neptune Reading and Book Launch in NJ. Sweet Briar College 
Alumnae Club of 
New York City Newsletter, August 2019

“The Olive Tree at Siesta” to appear in Luzerne County, PA, buses beginning in late August 2019 as part of the Poetry in Transit program


Dennis H. Lee’s poetry appears in Illuminations. His poem Woodpeckers”
(with audio) appears in qarrtsiluni