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Dennis Paullus





Artist Statement


It is all about the wood.


I have always been a builder and a maker, but it was not until I was given a wood lathe

by my parents in 1997 that I discovered the world of woodturning.


I have always liked wood for its integrity, strength, and versatility; now I am also in love

with its varying grain patterns, colors, and its deeper, more spiritual aspects.


I never get tired of wood’s beauty. I work hard to honor and celebrate wood and

its character in each piece I create.


Gallery of Work by Dennis Paullus

To view my Gallery of Work in greater detail, please click here or on any of the slideshow photos above. 
You will be automatically re-directed to my  Picasa Gallery Album.

There are also several sub-albums featuring photos featuring bowls, vessels, wall art, etc. - click here to view all albums.