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Here are the details of this site and how to use it:

I have to admit that on nights I speak at Authors of the Flathead I come loaded down with a lot of material and PowerPoint slides – each packed with points. Unless you are a speed writer, you are likely to have missed a point or two. So I've decided to create a site where you can access my lecture notes, PowerPoint files, and discussion documents so you can fill in the blanks in your notes or cut and paste things from the PowerPoint slides to your notes.

I have posted PowerPoint and Word documents here. If you find you cannot open something, please send me an email and I'll fix whatever's not working for you and/or send you a copy of what you need. dennis@dennisfoley.com or denfol@gmail.com

You will find a page for each topic and either a narrative discussion or an attachment on that page with the PowerPoint document or both. If you have any questions or would like me to translate "Dennis" to "English" please let me know. Not all slides in the PowerPoint files are self-explanatory.

All I ask is that you respect my copyright and not distribute, republish, make public or use for your own commercial gain the contents of my files.

I hope this eases the task of building a great body of personal writing notes.


Copyright © Dennis Foley 2019

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