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   I'm Dennis Wheeler. 


 Welcome to my world. 
Yours is a world of choices.
 You can do everything to sell your home yourself.
When you choose me,  there are a few extras. 




As a Texas REALTOR® your home will appear on MLS. 
Once on MLS your home ends up on Zillow, Trulia, and hundreds of websites where people search for homes on their own.
As your listing agent the questions 
eventually come to me. 
My job is to present your home 
in the best possible light, 
and sell it as soon as possible.


I am just a guy who works hard for you. 
Most people searching for a home develop an idea of where they wish to live.
The have researched the area on the internet, 
talked to friends and relatives who 
may live where they are moving,
and then they go and look. 
Perhaps you have seen the car driving by
in the neighborhood and stopping to grab a flyer.
 I believe in flyers, and being around 
and making them available.
One cannot sit at an open house everyday, 
but there are times when sitting is worthwhile. 
Having spent hours sitting for builders, 
I am used to sitting.
There are times when sitting is practical
 and can be very productive.
Nothing presents more opportunity for success than this:
 "Hello, let me show you this wonderful home."
What I try and offer is productivity.


As an experienced web administrator
 for one of the cities premier builders,
 I have created and posted many videos
 of the various homes we built.
 I have also done the same for other builders 
that I have represented.
Taking a person into your home via video is a special visit that can set the stage for success. 
This knowledge comes with me as your agent. 





 Whether I represent your home, or you as a buyer, knowledge is most helpful.
 Let me know how I can be of help.
 From a lifetime background in sales and sales situations I am comfortable with people. 
I ask lots of questions and I listen carefully.
 I am often asked for my opinion on this or that, 
and I give those answers honestly
 and to the best of my knowledge. 
It is not a lost art, 
but one you may grow to appreciate.


Sitting and representing builders has taught me
how many builders think. It also comes with hundreds of opinions on how this should be done, or that should look like. It has also given me ideas on where to find it. Maybe you want to start from scratch, build on your own lot, have so many bedrooms and so many bathrooms. I don't shy away from having it your way, or letting you know what having it your way will cost. In time as well as money.

It is your home, and not mine.  
I want to find you your home, 
not one that I like for you, 
but one that best serves 
your families needs and desires.

And when you choose a home, I like to keep you in touch with just what is going on. With follow up and pictures,  you can be involved from home or share the progress of your home with friends and family wherever they may live,  It is what I do.

What To Expect

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also have a few hobbies. This is one: Should it ever be helpful.
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