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                                  The  Real Estate  Journey begins with the first step.      
                                                      I'm glad you stopped by.                                            
Looking for a new home is a formidable task. It is said that changing housing and moving is one of the most stressful events that will occur in your lifetime. Your home is usually the most expensive purchase you can ever make. And the 'forever home' changes many times in your life as circumstances change the
things that you are looking for.   Isn't it desirable to know something about who you work with when making such a stressful change? 

Why should you use me? 

The real estate search can be a daunting place. Any town has thousands of websites of pictures of houses. The tools to help you find the home that suits your desires, needs and preferences is the  business of the REALTOR®. On my journey through real estate I had the pleasure when I first came to El Paso  to work with one of El Paso's premier custom home builders. I worked on their website and marketing. I learned about new home construction,  energy efficiency trends, new floorplans, and the " whys". Why do this or why do that? I worked with customers to build on their own lot. I worked with customers on designing the floor plan and implementing new ideas. I sold many of the builder's homes and then moved into Real Estate and sat for other builders. I learned about their ideas, and their techniques. I understand value and return on your investment. Many of you visiting here I helped buy a new home. Some of you are resizing, or relocating. Many have friends and relatives who are looking for a new home. There is more to it than "Gosh that's a nice house."  
       My first focus is on listening.     
  It is, after all, your   home.      And:

          Your home is much more important to you than "my sale".
              If I do well for you, there will be plenty of "my sales".

          For much more information about where I am sitting Click on the Links Below

                             Available Homes       Classic American FloorPlans
        Currently I am representing Classic  American Homes at  
                      Valencia Park in  Santa Theresa, NM

       Currently I also represent Deal2Deal Custom Homes in
           El Paso through Frances Montes of Home Pro's Realtors
             915-491-8378 with any questions or comments.

What should you expect from your representative.
          Dennis C Wheeler  REALTOR® 
                   Texas License # 665941
           State of New Mexico Associate Broker
                    License # 5231

     You  can contact me at         915-787-9874

                                              For your protection and knowledge the Texas Real Estate Commission
 requires access to two notices for your information on Real Estate websites.

                   12770-B Edgemere on the East side
               1035 Belvedere Suite 171 (on the West Side)
              I am Sponsored in Texas and New Mexico by   Gordon Sather - Broker 
                             With offices also on El Paso's West side.                 
                                  You can contact Gordon  with any questions or comments at:
                                                        Office  Phone: 915-241-6500    or  915-241-6500

              "Who you know is not as important as how you treat those people whom you meet."   dw