Sky and The Dances

Sky has been leading Dances since 1999, the same year she began co-organizing the Canyonlands Dance camp, where she co-leads with Bernie Heideman twice a year. A Leader, mentor and musician, she also co-leads in her home circle in Snowflake AZ, at Summer Camp with the Beloved in Colorado in July, Joyful Journey Hot Springs in Colorado in March with Bernie (their birthday retreat - they share the same birthday), at Free Spirit, the annual co-created Dance camp near Snowflake, and often at Bernie's Mexico Dance camps as well.

In addition, she is a guitar player for regional Dance events and retreats, and spent years working with the Boards of Dances of Universal Peace International and DUP North America, non-profit organizations that support the work of the Dances.

The Dances are part of her spiritual path and a huge part of her life, now shared by Dennis. She has a monthly email newsletter that contains information on upcoming camps and events that she and/or Bernie are leading, as well as a calendar of upcoming camps around the world. 

Dennis, a videographer, has created many beautiful videos of Dances led at the camps they attend; here are links to a few of them: 
My Lord is a Rock, a Rumi Cafe offering some years ago: 

You can find many more by going to YouTube and searching on "Dennis Roshay".

Another inspiration is the daily Bowl of Saki,
a daily non-sectarian inspirational message, in the words of Inayat Khan. These are messages about the power of love, harmony and beauty, which can help open our hearts and raise us above the distinctions and differences which often divide. They are timeless reminders of the importance of the inner live, that divine spark which illuminates the depth of the human heart. These messages are not about a new religion; they are simply reminders of the importance of paying attention to our inner life and selfless ideals, much the same as the great prophets and spiritual teachers of all ages have taught. You can add them as a daily email (Sky has been receiving them for a number of years now) or through Facebook; go to