Dennie Heye - Blogs

I have always enjoyed writing, as can be seen in my publications list. However, besides being a very serious and enthusiastic information professional, I also have a quirky sense of humor. So I developed an alter ego:

the obnoxious librarian from hades

My alter ego likes to share his satirical views on life as a librarian in a large bureacracy. Or to put it into a soundbyte: "tales of a librarian in a large bureaucracy, dealing with managers, cost reductions, helpdesks and other challenges"

The blog is usually updated bi-weekly. A real dead tree book is available of the first year postings, and a more up to date e-book can be downloaded for free. See the blog for more details.

I was interviewed in 2009 about the blog by Libgig

In 2009 my alter ego lauched his own blog, "Office Life Defined", as an attempt to write a pseudo-dictionary about those situations, feelings and issues that office workers come across.