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E-journal lifecycle management (2011)
Chapter in the Dutch handbook of information sciences co-authored with Alyssa Meulekamp (EBSCO) about the management of e-journals, from demand management, licensing to linking. Management of e-journals is more complex and requires different skills and knowledge compared to paper journals. This chapter covers everything the information professional needs to know to succesfully manage e-journals.
Value-added Information Services: How to Stay Relevant in a Changing World (2011)
Presentation for the 2011 ICIC conference (October 2011, Barcelona).

Information services have been in a constant state of change over the past decade. Where in the past the information centre was the only gateway to information, this has now changed and the centre needs to shift focus to stay relevant.

Based on his own experience, Dennie Heye explains how he achieved this at Shell:

  • He is embedded in a department to create and execute an information / knowledge management strategy. Information is an asset and should be managed as such. He has developed a clear, measurable strategy to increase maturity for information and knowledge management.
  • Development of SharePoint solutions: using the SharePoint features, knowledge of business problems and stakeholder management, Heye has developed fit-for-purpose information management solutions for portfolio management and team working.
  • Change agent for virtual collaboration: Heye works with teams to collaborate effectively and efficiently and to manage information across regions, business and time zones using tools such as Wikis, blogs, SharePoint and videoconferencing.

Dennie Heye is convinced that information professionals have a unique set of skills and experience that are relevant in a constantly changing and demanding world.

SLA Europe podcasts (2010 - present)
I am the regular host and producer of the SLA Europe podcast series, focusing on interviews and discussions about interesting library, information and knowledge management topics.

Use of SharePoint to facilitate porfolio management and virtual team working (2010)

Presentation developed for the Online Information conference (December 2010).

Seven Skills of Highly Successful Information Professionals (2010)

Webinar for SLA members- "Information professionals need a more diverse set of skills to succeed in the 21st century. New roles are offering more exciting jobs and projects, but we need to expand our set of skills to meet those challenges. Based on his own experience and research for his book Characteristics of the Successful 21st Century Information Professional, Dennie Heye outlines seven key skills with practical examples."
Special libraries in developing nations - panel session at SLA conference (2010)
I participated in a panel session about the challenges of special libraries in developing nations, explaining how my colleagues in SLA and I have worked with Stephen Kizza in Uganda. The session was recorded for the "Beyond the book" podcast.

Interview with SLA Information Outlook  (2010)

10 questions - Dennie Heye: from helping acquire books for a librarian in Uganda to creating opportunities for information professionals to collaborate in Online discussions, Dennie Heye is leveraging SLA's global community to make connections.(SLA MEMBER PROFILE, April 2010)

Zeven vaardigheden voor de succesvolle informatie professional (2009)

Presentation for the HIN (a network of the Hague based information professionals. This presentation was a Dutch translation of the "Seven skills of highly successful information professionals". A summary in Dutch of the presentation is on Scribd.

Information Services Add Value: Measuring and Proving It (2009)

An article in FUMSI (Find, Use, Manage and Share information) about the value of information services, with practical examples.

Interview with Emerald Information management viewpoints (2009)

An interview for publisher Emerald's website about "The role of the information scientist and specialist librarian in the 21st century".

The seven skills of highly successful information professionals (2008)

Presentation at the Online Information conference 2008 in London. An abstract is here and below is a short summary:

Information professionals need a more diverse set of skills to succeed in the 21st century. New roles are offering us more exciting jobs and projects, but we need to expand our set of skills to meet those challenges. Based on his own experience and research for his book "Characteristics of the Successful 21 st Century Information Professional", Dennie will outline 7 key skills with practical examples.

Key learning points:
  • short overview of how our profession has changed
  • overview of 7 key skills needed to enhance the profile of every information professional
  • practical tips & hints for building each of the 7 skills

The Power of Visualisation - Using Visualisation Technology and Techniques to Provide Better Information (2008)

Presentation at the Online Information conference 2008 in London, slightly updated version from the presentation at the annual SLA conference (see below).

Using the power of information visualisation (2008)

Presentation at the annual SLA (Special Library Association) conference in Seattle, explaining how Shell Information Management uses information visualisation tools and  techniques to help Shell employees analyze information faster and better.

De toegevoegde waarde van informatiediensten / Value add of information services (2008)

Chapter in the Kluwer Handboek Informatiewetenschap / Kluwer manual of information sciences about the value add concept for information services.

Creativity and innovation: Two key characteristics of the successful 21st century information professional (2006)

Article in Business Information Review, volume 23, number 4. This article is a rewritten and extended version of two chapters from my book.

Characteristics of the Successful 21st Century Information Professional  (2006)

My book which is intended for professional Library and Information Services (LIS) staff and LIS students who want to be more successful as information professionals.
Characteristics of the Successful 21st Century Information Professional

You can order via,, different Internet book stores or directly via the publisher.

Book reviews:

Info Career Trends reviewed my book in November 2006
ALIA (Austraulian Library and Information Association), see page 167

 How to effectively market yourself (2006)

The ALIA (Australian Library and Information Association) published a condensed version of a chapter from my book in the May issue of their journal Incite.

Library globalisation study (including 2006 update) (2006)

The SLA DPER (division of Petroleum and Energy Resources from the Special Libraries Association) reprinted my 2004 article on library globalisation in their bulletin, with a brief 2006 update.

 Interview in "Informatie professional" (2006)

The leading dutch journal for information professionals "Informatie professional" published a short interview with me in their March issue

Library globalisation study project: lessons learned and future plans (2005)

A presentation for the annual Petroleum Abstracts Advisory Board meeting in Houston.

Information centers guide the way through the information maze (2005)

An article on the value of information centers and libraries in the (internally published) Shell EP Europe newsletter.

Report on my presentation at the TU Delft Library customer meeting (2005)

Report on the annual customer day of the Technical University of Delft Library. A Dutch report on my presentation is on page 7-9.

Next stop: global? A study in globalization at Shell Exploration and Production (2005)

Article in the SLA (Special Libraries Association) magazine, vol. 9, no. 2 (February 2005) based on the paper presented at the Online Information conference in London 2004.

Next stop: global? Library globalization study in Shell Exploration and Production (2004)

Paper and presentation at the Online Information conference in London, December 2, 2004.

Zichtbaarheid in de virtuele organisatie / Increasing the visibility of your information center in a virtual world (2004)

Presentation at the TU Delft library customer day (October 7, 2004), describing how the Shell EP library markets its services in an increasingly virtual organisation.

Marketing yourself (2004)

Article in the September, 2004 issue of Info Career Trends newsletter, giving advice to information professionals on marketing themselves inside and outside their organisations.

Unlocking information and knowledge (2004)

Presentation at the annual EUSIDIC 2004 conference in Rotterdam, discussing the portal project in Shell and the key role the library played in that.

Automatic categorization : lessons learned from a proof of concept  (2004)

Shell internal report on the proof of concept with automatic categorization software. This project delivered a custom built taxonomy and a demonstrator that automatically categorized full text documents to categories of this taxonomy.

Practical taxonomy development for the OGP (Oil, Gas & Power) sector workshop (2004)

One-day workshop during the KM for OGP sector Asia conference, Singapore (January 16, 2004) organised by the Ark Group. Ten representatives of different oil, gas and power organisations in the Asia Pacific region attended the workshop.

Taxonomy development and automatic classification at Shell (2004)

Presentation during the KM for OGP sector Asia conference, Singapore (January 16, 2004)

We're Not In Kansas Anymore, Toto ... Or, How To Combine a Career and Family Life by Telecommuting (2004)

Article in the January 2004 issue of Info Career Trends newsletter on the opportunities of telecommuting for information professionals.

Mining information to create the perfect taxonomy (2003)

Case study article in “Intranet strategist” magazine (December 2003 / January 2004) on the challenges of building a taxonomy proof of concept project.

Finding information on the SWW (Shell Wide Web) (2003)

Internal Shell presentation on search strategy for the Shell intranet, presented to different Shell teams (in total 150 attendees) in 2003.

Taxonomies and automatic classification at Shell – case study (2003)

Paper and presentation at the “Building a Knowledge Framework: Practical Taxonomy Design and Application: conference, September 29-30, Amsterdam

Librarianship: Not Just a Job, a Career (2003)

Article in the April 2003 edition of the Info Career Trends newsletter.

Portals are the future for libraries (2002)

Paper and presentation on the Online Information 2002 conference (London), discussing the Shell portal project and the role of the EP Global Library.  Online Information is the event where the world of information content, management and delivery converge attracting an international audience of over 11,000 visitors and over 280 exhibitors.

Internet tools that help you stay current (2002)

Article in the January 2002 edition of the Info Career Trends newsletter about tools to stay up to date as an information professional.

"Van boeken tot bits: een visie op het thema "verdwijnt het boek?" (2001)

Presentation in cooperation with Kenneth Vos at the “Landelijke Politiebibliothekendag” in Utrecht (November 15, 2001)

Niet zoeken, maar vinden op Internet (2001)

Workshop for groups of teachers at the Rijks Opleidings Centrum in Amsterdam (November 4, 2001)

Internationale linking door kennis (2001)

An article written in cooperation with Kenneth Vos, on the implementation of the Deloitte ERS global knowledge management system and the role of information professionals in this project. Published in Informatie professional, March 2001.

Essential surfing (1999 – 2000)

Author of a series of articles on Internet search techniques and relevant websites for the internal Deloitte & Touche magazine “AAC Briefing”.

(AAC Briefing, 1999 – 2000).
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