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Dennie Heye - Memberships

The Information Outlook Advisory Council (IOAC) (2009 - present)

The Information Outlook Advisory Council (IOAC) works with the magazine's editor to help set editorial direction and determine editorial content.

Vice chair of the NIC (2008)

In 2008 I was elected vice chair of the NIC, a group of senior information managers from corporate and technical academic libraries, focussing on strategy and innovation.

Editorial board member of Library Collections Acquisitions and Technical Services (LCATS) (2007-2010)

In 2007 I was appointed as editorial board member of this journal.

International relationship chair of SLA divsion Petroleum & Energy Resources (DPER) (2006-present)

Since 2006 I am active in the board of the SLA DPER.

Petroleum Abstracts Advisory Council (2005 - 2008)

The Petroleum Abstracts Advisory Council, which is composed of information professionals representing a significant number of the largest integrated major oil and oilfield service companies aims to offer a forum where members can discuss ways to work together in order to improve access to E&P information.

Swets International Customer Advisory Board (2004 - 2006)

The Swets International Customer Advisory Board represents the customer viewpoint on Swets' future service and product development. Members are drawn from senior academic and corporate library staff representing the global customer base.

Dialog Advisory Board (2005 - 2008)

The Customer Advisory Board is a select group of customers whose input is sought for strategic planning purposes on an on-going basis. The primary mission of the Board is to facilitate open communication between Dialog management and customers. Advisory Board members are recognized as visionaries and opinion leaders.